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September 28, 2006


Mark Rauterkus

Thanks for talking about this important issue. There is more here than hits the press.

The un-democratic democrats are way out of control. To get on the ballot and fighting their challenges is such a burden. More and more are not going to run or be forced to take a pass as I did this August when I pulled out of the race for PA Senate as an I against an uncontested D who had his treasure file a ballot challenge.

But, the PA Senate office FAX Number (of MY senator) was clearly on the top of the paper that were delivered to me with notice of my need to go to Harrisburg court. They left fingerprints on the papers and will face ethics investgations.

John Morgan

I followed your quest on your blog last spring. I don't think it's good for our image as Democrats to make democracy difficult for other parties and candidates. No wonder people are apathetic and pissed off.

We need to be doing things to get MORE people involved and into the process, not less.

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