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November 28, 2006



To be honest in the pa 10th district that might actually help him

John Morgan

I agree. I also think Chris is a very smart man and will make a good Congressman in spite of his involvement in Feith's operation.


No substantive links between Saddam and al Qaeda?

Ya, except all the Baathists and al Qaeda members who admitted they cooperated pre invasion...

and 3 Star General Mike DeLong being one of MANY respected people who say that plenty of intelligence on Saddam's regime's links to al Qaeda are still declassified...

It's ok to disagree with the war, to say you don't think the meetings and links between Saddam's regime and al Qaeda don't amount to much but to be ignorant of all the intelligence, and then trying to act like an expert on it, just makes you look foolish.

John Morgan

Let's review a few facts for the reality challenged. George Bush predicated the invasion of Iraq on two things: wmd's and a direct link with Al Qaeda and 9/11. He and his Administration have repeatedly connected Saddam with 9/11. So much so that at one point over 70% of Americans thought Iraq attacked us on 9/11. THEY DIDN'T. We didn't invade Iraq because of Al Qaeda we invaded Iraq for their OIL.
Doug Feith's "intelligence" unit has been condemned for being a bunch of mateurs analysts who cherrypicked intelligence and stovepiped it to the VP without proper analysis. They also fell for Chalabi's bullshit. Anyone with any intelligence could figure out Chalabi's agenda and dismiss anything he said or did.
There were no substantive direct links between Saddam and Osama. The two men were diametrically opposed to each other. Were there low level contacts so they could monitor each other? They'd both have been supremely stupid no tto and neither are stupid men. That doesn't justify us invading a sovereign country which posed no threat to us. We gave up going after bin Laden as a consequence and now Afghanistan is a mess. We should have remained there and eradicated the Taliban and caught Osama. If you can't understand that you need to rejoin the reality based community.

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