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December 21, 2006


Kirk Wentzel

Basketball??? that the one with the crooked stick played on ice or the game where everyone runs around a big field trying to kick the ball into the baskety net type thingy? I get all confused with sports. Another true waste of time.

John Morgan

Nah, it's the one where tall men in shorts try to put a ball through a hoop 13 feet above the floor.
You could stand to waste some time, you work too much!

Kirk Wentzel

Waste Time...what do you think I am..a Republican?

John Morgan

I'd never go so far as imply you're, a Republican. I'd be afraid you'd interpret that as defamation.

Joyful Alternative

Well, I adore AI, the only reason for watching basketball. That little skinny guy battered by behemoths and heading back into the fray, always graceful, always indomitable. My role model for never quitting. But then I'm not much of a team player either.

John Morgan

If one isn't a team player they shouldn't be in a TEAM sport. That's my point.
Iverson isn't the only NBA player with this problem and it's why I haven't watched an NBA game in years. If I want to watch basketball I watch a college game.

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