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December 31, 2006



The kind of reform Mr Caltagirone seeks is reprisal reform. He wanted to eliminate the State Treasurers Office (Reading Eagle Editors Blog) after somone name John Caltagirone was fired from the office supposedly for not doing his job. Again the Corleone influence is in the things that T Caltagirone does!


I'm very disappointed in this development. I would hope that Caltagirone is challenged in the primary next time around.

John Morgan

Of course John Caltagirone is Tom's son. Yes, that was an attempted payback. Note above where I discovered John gave Bill DeWeese $250 this year. He also gave $250 to Mike Veon. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Tom learns that, especially knowing Tom Caltagirone's temper.

Jim Salvas

On Caltagirone's official House website he is listing himself as MAJORITY chair of the Judiciary Committee. Counting his chickens before hatching, no?

John Morgan

That's interesting Jim because he can't vote for Perzeland be the Majority Chair. Voting for Perzel puts Democrats in the Minority. To be the Majority Chair after voting for Perzel he'd have to be a Republican. Maybe my initial post on this over at was correct after all. I wondered if he was switching parties.


Tom's action, if he follow through, will hurt the City of Reading and Berks County terribly. Everything he wants for the city will be blocked. Nobody trusts a turncoat. The GOP will say "thank you Tom (you idiot)" and meanwhile the city will suffer. Thanks IDIOT!


Maybe someone desent will come out of this mess other than De wesse or Prezel


I am sure that the rumor of his son John give DeWesse 250 and Veon showes that his son can stand on his own two feet. I am also would like to see the proof of this!

I can say that Mr. Caltagirone is a leader and not a follower and I am glad, because he knows what he is doing be hind closed doors. Lets focous on the leaders in the house not just one of them. Why are the Democrats holding tax dollars hostage against their own party? What can Mr. Deweese say about this? Lets hit them all not just focous on just one. Expecially when we want change in harrisburg.


Caltagirone Letter To Democrats

Simmary of Caltagirone's letter to the Demoratic Caucus.

For more information, click here.

December 30, 2006

To the Members of the Democratic Caucus:

I am writing to inform you that, after extended and careful deliberation, I have determined that I cannot support Rep. William DeWeese for election as speaker of the House of Representatives.

I have served as a member of the House of Representatives for thirty years. During that time, I have been a steadfast member of the Democratic Caucus, supporting our positions and candidates. In the past legislative session, my campaign committee contributed $30,000 to the House Democratic Campaign Committee, and $23,500 to individual Democratic House candidates. I also helped raise additional thousands in support of our Democratic candidates. I have been a loyal Democrat since I entered politics, and will remain a member of the Democratic Party.

However, I have become increasingly distressed over the years with the manner in which our Democratic leaders have conducted the business of the Caucus. The leaders of our Caucus have shown little regard for many members of the Caucus, the constituents they represent, and the legislative initiatives we should be supporting. Instead, they have operated the Caucus as a personal fiefdom, promoting their own personal and political ambitions behind a wall of secrecy and petty personal vindictiveness.

As you are aware, at the request of Rep. DeWeese, I recently provided him with a list of reforms which, I believed, would enable our Caucus to embark on a new era of transparency and fairness. I had hoped that with the election of Rep. McCall and other new members to leadership positions in the Caucus, these proposed changes would be seriously considered, and adopted. Instead, all that I have received from Rep. DeWeese in response is his usual outpouring of obfuscation.

Unfortunately, I no longer have any confidence in his ability to lead the Democratic Caucus, and do not believe him and his associates to be capable of fulfilling the responsibilities necessary to lead the House of Representatives.

I am under no delusions as to the nature of partisan politics in the House of Representatives. However, Rep. Perzel has pledged to implement House rules which reflect the current split in the membership of the House, and to conduct the affairs of the House in an open, inclusive and fair manner. I have always found Rep. Perzel to be a man of his word, and serious about issues of public policy. I believe the people of Pennsylvania will be best served if he is elected as speaker on January 2, and he will have my support.

I look forward to working with each of you in the upcoming legislative session. I believe that all of us, Democrat and Republican, can work together for the people of Pennsylvania.



John Morgan

The proof is right on the PA Department of State website. You'll find a link in the sidebar. Go to the campaign finance section and do a simple search. It's all right there.

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