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April 01, 2007



That's just like the many companies that have promised retirees pensions and healthcare benefits, only to backpeddle because they can't or won't afford to keep their promises. It's the thanks people get for giving their lives to big business.

John Morgan

Many of these were contractually agreed upon through collective bargaining. Workers agreed to forego higher wages in return for these benefits only to watch company after company slash and burn those benefits.

The best solution to the problem is universal, single payer health care. Eliminating the health insurance industry, whose primary objective is to NOT pay your bills, would enable us to cover everyone with comprehensive, universal health care. This would be far more affordable for businesses and companies and allow them to better compete in the global economy. This will preserve these middle class jobs.

The only way this is possible is with a single payer system. The Governor's plan is nothing more than a welfare program for the health insurance industry because it FORCES you to buy insurance.


Yeah, even I have to admit this move by Circuit City is slimey.


There is a funny blog entry about this ate

John Morgan

That is good, especially the end.

This is a new website I'll be adding to the links.

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