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April 22, 2007



This employee can contact the Government Accountability Project. There are Federal Whistleblower laws to protect government employees. The GAP website has good resources including a chapter on working with the media. GAP may not take the case, but offers good support and connections. They are probably getting all types of calls, now that the air is starting to clear.

John Morgan

The whistleblower act has been completely neutered. There are almost no protections now for federal employees reporting wrongdoing.


I was shocked to read this. I am a veteran & I feel that this should be looked into and her appointment held up till we get to the bottom of this. Where are all our elected representatives are they sleeping?

John Morgan

Part of that explanation is political. The representatives around Lebanon are Republicans, just as this official. Are they going to investigate one of their own? I think the US Attorney mess answers that question.

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