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August 31, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

The Philly Inquirer had a quite from a smart gun owner about a week ago. He said something to the effect that only idiots buy a gun the day they are gonna use it, so the idiots protesting the three day shutdown are just that: Idiots!!


"Update: Sen. Larry Craig will resign tomorrow."

Don't expect him to do it meekly. I fully anticipate he'll have a 'wide stance' when he makes his statement. ;-)


I understand that his announcement will be made from a stall in a public restroom at an airport. The first person guessing the name of that airport wins an opportunty to sit in the stall adjacent and play footsies with the senator. All employees of Senator Craig and their spouses (and of course all women) are ineligble to enter the contest.

John Morgan

If they had airports I'd guess Provincetown or Key West. How about Watertown, New York?

San Francisco won't do because all the gay men are out and out men don't do bathroom sex. Also, those pretty young bois wouldn't dream of doing an old guy like Craig.

I just hope whatever closet he retires to will be a good, clean water closet.


"How about Watertown, New York?"

Please tell me you are not trying to win the contest, John!!!!??? ROTFL!

John Morgan

Of course I am!


From one friend to another, I think you'd be much better matched with a man who has a more narrow stance and doesn't hide in the water closet! <8O)

John Morgan

...or any other closet, for that matter.

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