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August 31, 2007



This is all politically motivated. As a staunch Democrat, I cannot support Rendell on this. He is not considering the long-term affects that his solution will have on students. Second, he can't mandate one state agency to operate like a business and then say another needs privatized. Third, he has Sallie Mae Lobbyists working in Harrisburg for him.

John Morgan

I'm just shocked, shocked, you hear, to get news that Rendell is doing something politically motivated! Shocked!

It still doesn't explain all the problems at PHEAA this year however.



The same Sallie Mae lobbyists, whose organization is a prime mover and shaker at the Lumina Foundation, proud managers of the "Achieving the Dream" program that puts a lot of undue burden on colleges to participate, and makes them feel good, by posting their ratings and encouraging them to do more, regardless of whether they can afford it or not. They are trying to get every single blessed PA State Funded, and Community College onto it and sadly RACC will probably joining that foray soon. I love analysis, I love assessment, don't get me wrong and we need to do better and be consistent, but this whole "Achieving the Dream" thing is largely a front for college lenders like Sallie Mae to get free return data on their "investments" in college kids, under the guise of promoting greater accountability and showing how well we all perform as institutions of higher learning, and with Eddie being so hip on such things and his buddy Jerry running PDE, I'm not the least bit surprised by any of this.

I shall take a very cautious and conservative approach to our involvement and ask a lot of questions that might unnerve some people; too bad. Of course, no matter my own feelings, if RACC goes with it, then I shall dutifully fulfill my part of it and would not undermine the process, as that would be wrong of me. However, RACC is not a part of it yet. I should probably love the idea for selfish reasons, as it would give incentive to hire more staff in my dept that is needed now.

Yes, John, I too am equally stunned and amazed into a speechless stupor of untold proportions at the notion that Cheesesteak Eddie would go down that path. It would be like him suddenly going to NYC for cheesesteaks instead of Philly.

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