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September 29, 2007



Thanks for the plug John but I haven't been on top this story as much as our colleague David Yonki who is doing the play by play on the trial.

John Morgan

Thanks for the link for our readers. Mr. Yonki writes great stuff. LuLac refers to Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties for the uninitiated.


"I'm so glad to see an abusive Judge getting her due."

You should be glad to see it, especially considering the statistics put out by the Judicial Conduct Board showing how rare formal charges are.

According to their 2006 Annual Report, they've received nearly 3,000 complaints in the past 5 years. In that same time period, formal charges were filed in the Court of Judicial Discipline in only 23 cases.

You can view the full report here:

John Morgan

That doesn't surprise me Melissa. Most of these self regulatory boards are simply there to whitewash there own black sheep. They rarely actually discipline anyone.


We should probably note that, to date, she's not actually been found guilty of least not to my knowledge.

I agree that such boards engage in damage control much moreso than consumer protection as they should. They make examples of a rare few in order to appear legit to the public, and they can also neatly dispose of their 'nonconformists', too.

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