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September 29, 2007


dennis g.

Mr. Chicken Hawk speaks and the brain dead minions will follow.
But will we see another resolution from the Senate, this one condemning the addict in the same manner in which they did to

John Morgan

If condemning any soldier constitutes censure then Rush is next on the list. It is a slippery slope once begun.

Jim Keller

Rush Limbaugh got out of Vietnam because he had an infected boil on his ass. In the Chickenhawk Army, he is a major general.

John Morgan

"Rush Limbaugh got out of Vietnam because he had an infected boil on his ass. In the Chickenhawk Army, he is a major general."

How appropriate!


Ok, this may to start a whole slew of comments tossed my way...and dennis g may call me more names...

But I listened to the link John provided...(muchos gracious as always, saves me the time of digging for it)...and...much like the Boehner and the dollar and cents thread...this is really a non story.

I really think Rush is talking about those stories where someone claims to be in the service and tells of crimes of war, then it turns out that person either A) wasnt there B) cant have their claims substanitiated.

I am not sure how much of the first link you may have listened to...but go through it the whole way...he gives examples. And I didnt hear him mention one time that those soldiers who actually fight "should shut up if they now disagree with policy"

And before Melissa asks...I will, I do not listen to Rush during the day (or anytime)...sports radio is more of my thing.

As for the numerous chickenhawk comments...John, I think the reason Rush got out of the service was because of his bad achilles :) lol!

To me, this is a non story. I can see why the left is trying to make hay out of it, but much like Boehner, I cant see this thing getting any legs.

If it does, it wont be because of the substance of what he said, it will be just the left going after a very vocal critic.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

Wait a second. If it's so horrible to criticize Gen. Petraeus then how can someone like Rush call another soldier "phone?" You can't have it both ways Republicans, either criticizing soldiers is treason or it isn't.

tyler are missing the point...maybe on the clip you posted in its entirety...he is not criticising soldiers...he is critizing 'the soldiers' who the media puts up on a pedistal...but then turn out to have lied about their actions or lied about them being in the service at all.

watch it again...he never once says the soldiers against the war are phony, only their when their claims turn out to be phony...and he uses Jesse Macbeth as an example.

Again...this is a non story, but I can see why people are trying to make hay.

Sheesh, Michael Savage says crap 100x worse...but I guess the left needs to go after the largest (on both senses) critic. If Savage had 1/2 the audience Limbaugh did, he'd be front page news too.

And from my point of view. Bill Maher says crap 1000x worse than Savage. That guy is jerk of the highest order.

Have a great day :)


unless of course Dan Rather can find some documents that show Jesse really was telling the truth :) then I take it all back. Someone get Mary Mapes on the phone...she needs work...tell her to type up some paperwork :)

man, I kill me.


unless of course Dan Rather can find some documents that show Jesse really was telling the truth :) then I take it all back. Someone get Mary Mapes on the phone...she needs work...tell her to type up some paperwork :)

man, I kill me.


"And before Melissa asks...I will"

Question: Does your boss know that you are using the company's resources/time to post on this blog?

Now kindly refrain from assuming you know what I'm going to ask, or even that I am going to ask you something.

I could've had an awful lot of fun at your expense with a pre-answer set up like that. Lucky for you that I'm a compassionate and merciful 'liberal' who didn't jump at the opportunity. :-)

John Morgan

He referred to this guy as a "phony soldier." It was his term. Add to that his outright racist attack on Obama and his inexcusable one on Fox and we see a definite picture of Rush Limbaugh and the sort of man he is, or isn't.

I listened to that clip 4 times Tyler.


Melissa, you've asked before where I get my news it wasnt like that comment came out of 'left' field :) (left field? i kill me!)

and dont hold back with the comments or jokes at my expense...i can take it.

and John, i really think this is a non story...but we'll see if it gets legs.

John Morgan

Like just about every other website most of our traffic comes from people at work. This is why I don't post much over the weekends or on holidays, traffic is about half what it is on a weekday.

Most people read from work.

Of course, actively advocating for a specific candidate from work, spending several hours a day on the blogs is something else.


"and dont hold back with the comments or jokes at my expense..."

Will you feel "left" out if I do? :-)


John, Jesse was a phony soldier...he lied about his actions and defamed the military he joined. He concocted a phony story to further his agenda rather than relating what actaully happended...think Jason Blair at the NYT...phony reporter...doesnt make him NOT a reporter, it just made his stories lies.

The Michael J Fox thing is a bit more complex...part of me agrees that when a celeb decides to toss his/her hat into the political realm...then they are open (regardless of disability) to criticism. And it may come off as cruel, but once they enter the arena of debate, they become fair game. And any comments about Obama pair in comparision considering what Jesse Jackson said about him less than two weeks ago.

I really think that...and you may disagree...that the dems and are trying to recoop from the anti Petreaus ad that posted and are trying to remold their 'anti-military' image that is out there. I am pretty confident that a dem will win in 08 and they need to have the military support if this war is to continue...and they need to say "look, the GOP has people saying the same stuff as Kerry (terrorizing children), Kennedy (abu graib under new management). Murtha (cold blooded murder) among other comments by Harry Reid...

I really think the Dems will push hard because they NEED this as a balance to their image as being weak in military circles and trying to play up their 'support' of the troops.

But again, I honestly dont see this having much merit. The difference with this an Imus is that Imus made the huge mistake of apoligizing in the first place...Sharpton and Jackson et al smelled blood in the water and attacked.

Just an opinion from the other side.

take it for what it cost you to read it :)

Melissa, your one post actaully made me laugh out loud and I can laugh at myself and my party with ease. :)


Democrats have written a letter to the CEO of Clear Channel insisting that he renounce the remarks and ask Limbaugh to apologize. The letter is being circulated for Democrat and Republican signatures.


Melissa, I just read that...its on the Drudgereport right now...along with a house resolution supporting him...

this is so dumb. so mindless that both sides of the political aisle have nothing better to do with their time than interrupt their daze (spelling intended) with a radio talk show host and what he says. What's next...a house bill about Howard Stern?

john, you may be right in that this gets some play, but for SO the wrong reasons.

Like him or hate him, he's just a radio personality...kinda like Wolfman Jack.

I cannot believe where the politics of this country are going.

Well, I can, but still it sometimes amazes me.

Let's not debate a million other things like the war, the state of health care, states rights, iran, north korea, terrorism, lets spend our time putting forward resolutions back and forth about a talk show host.

I guess it was a slow day on Oprah.


John Morgan

I beg to differ Tyler. Rush isn't just a radio personality. He, BillO, Coulter and others make millions brainwashing fools with phony facts and try to tell people they're serious pundits. They're entertainers pandering to the lowest common denominators for millions of dollars a year and lying to people. Their listeners, audiences and readers don't know they're being played to make these individual bank accounts sing and believe all this crap. It's severely hurt the nation and these people are dangerous.

I'm shocked you defended what Rush did to Michael J. Fox. My oldest sister had Parkinsons and I'm deeply offended you;d defend him on this. Deeply offended.

Jim Keller

"As for the numerous chickenhawk comments...John, I think the reason Rush got out of the service was because of his bad achilles :)"

Actually, Tyler, no...Limbaugh got a medical deferment because he had a pilonidal cyst. In fairness to Limbaugh, it was a valid medical reason at the time to avoid the draft, but it should also be mentioned that his father also had them and he was a decorated bomber pilot in WWII. Also, Limbaugh did state in interviews that he did not want to go to Vietnam. Limbaugh pegs at least a 9 on the chickenhawk scale, right below Ted Nugent.

John Morgan

We all know what Ted Nugent would like to do with his guns (and where was the right wing outrage over that?)so perhaps he shoved one up Rush's butt to cause those cysts.


John...few thoughts here...

First, sorry if you took offense to my thoughts and how they related to your sister...however, they were not directed at your sister. I only said that once a person intentionally injects themselves into the political realm (like Fox did, he went to Washington, Washington didnt knock on his door) then you open your self up to criticism of any sort. Your sister, unless I am missing my guess, didnt put her self out there as a media spokesperson.

Also, I rank Keith Olberman about as high on the partisan scale as you probably rank Ann his take on any issue really doesn't resonate with me. He is as far left as Coulter is far right, so if I posted a link to Coulters thoughts on a certain topic...exactly how much weight would you give them? At least you gave the direct link to Limbaugh's own site, so I was able to listen unfiltered...

Which leads me to Rush...and this current brew-ha-ha...

You know how Presidents dont meet with certain leaders they dont want to give credibility to? Same thing here. The dems in the senate only give more credibility Rush and only will increase his recognition. Similarly, Imus was a dwindling nobody until one stupid comment put him back on the map. Sure he got fired, but he is back, suing for tens of millions and will have a new show. If he was ignored, Imus would have faded away to the dung heap of irrelevancy.

But the dems needing to appear that they truly support the troops are going after their most vocal critic.

Which leads me to...sorry, but I disagree...Rush is nothing more than Al Franken (assuming you can find a radio station willing to carry him) with an audience. he is a radio commentator. Do you ever see...say Bush even acknowloging Bill Maher? no. why, because in the grand scheme of the political arena, Maher is a nothing (i think he's jerk) Why Reid even acknowledges Rush is beyond me. He (Rush) is an entertainer.

Which leads me to...Ted Nugent and his recent comments which I read on the Drudge report.

As a admirer of his hunting skills...I also hunt with a bow...I will say the same thing to Sweaty Teddy that I have said about every singer, musician, actor, et al who think just because they have a captive audience, they can force their opinions down the throats of the people paying tickets...

SHUT UP and entertain me. Shut up Teddy and play Wang Tang Sweet Putang. Shut up Eddie Vedder and sing Black. Shut up Bruce Springsteen and sing Pink Cadillac. Shut up Sean Penn and go make a sequel to Fast Times. Shut up Brad Pitt and make another movie like 12 Monkeys. Shut up to every one of them. When the plumber comes over my house to fix the sink and I become a captive audience, I dont want his opinions on the war either.

I tell them all to shut up. I didnt pay X dollars to hear Mick Jagger give me his halfed assed opinions on Condi Rice...I paid X dollars to see that fossil sing Satisfaction.

So no, this conservative didnt want to hear teddys thoughts on the war, even if I did like the rifle he was holding...I still say the same thing...SHUT UP and entertain me. And your thoughts are not entertaining.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

You don't understand. When Rush Limbaugh ridicules someone with Parkinsons by mocking the symptoms and lying the effects of the disease he mocks everyone with the disease.

When you defend that you're supporting the ridiculing of people with a disability. That's offensive.

I think entertainers have a right to voice their opinions. I think what Nugent did was threaten some presidential candidates and, possibly, incite violence against them. That's crossing a line and I saw no Republican condemn Nugent for his actions. They were quick to condemn MoveOn but gave Nugent a free pass.


John, before i condemn, I want to listen and read exactly what he said about Fox...not olberman's opinions and editing of what he said. much like the 'phony soldiers' we may disagree but i will go into it with an open mind.

gimme some time to pull it up...

as for the celebs...they can speak their minds, but it doesnt make 1) me have to listen 2) them an expert.

just because teddy can pick an axe and just because Matt Damon can cry on demand, it doesnt make them geo-political experts when dealing with middle east policy. Why do we give them the credibility we wouldnt give to...say the guy selling beer at the stadium? Why is Sean friggin Penn so gosh darn important that HIS thoughts must be listened to but if the hot dog vendor started spewing his rants...we'd tell him to shut up.

As much as i like to try to find common ground...celebrities who think WAY to much of themselves may be something we never agree on.


Ok, real quick...this is what I found about Michael Fox...

"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh told listeners. "He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. . . . This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting." and then this "This is the only time I've ever seen Michael J. Fox portray any of the symptoms of the disease he has," Limbaugh said. "He can barely control himself."

Now, after reading how Fox does admit to not taking his medicine show the terrible effects of still makes Limbaughs comments about 'acting' assinine. And he issued this apology..."Limbaugh said, "All right then, I stand corrected. . . . So I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong, and I will apologize to Michael J. Fox, if I am wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act."

So the real question least what I can the outrage over Rush saying that Fox was acting worse than he really is?

Let's say I lose a foot will now walk with a limp...and I go in front of congress to ask for funds to help me grow my foot back. I take off my fake foot for effect to show how I am without my fake foot.

So Rush says "He's faking it"
I would say "hey ass, I lost a foot, this is what I do when my fake foot isnt on"

not comparing the syptoms of parkisons to losing a foot per se, but the scenaros is the same.
It was an assinine comment to make, but it doesnt mean he is insulting everyone with the disease.

I hate to sound mean, but when I first saw those two coinjoined women (linked at the head) my first thought that real? Assinine thought I know, but it didnt mean I had bad intent. I just didnt know. Now that I know, I have a better understanding.

ok, i;m rambling again.

I dont see this as bad as an attack as some are making it out.

just my thoughts.

John Morgan

The great thing about free speech is that everyone is entitles to express their opinion. The internet and communications age has brought forth new vehicles for expressing that opinion, including blogs.

It's up to each individual how much weight or credibility to assign to each person's opinions. Stars, with their public profiles, have a built in audience and are insured coverage. Some even believe they have a public duty to do so given their wealth and fame, to contribute back.

I don't agree with Dennis Miller, Bruce Willis and many other Hollywood celebrities but I won't tell them they cannot use their soapbox to express their opinions any more than I'll allow the likes of Tom Caltagirone to limit mine.

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