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October 29, 2007



Here's an honest question for you John...let's suppose Barrack gets the nod from the you not vote for him and risk giving the win to the GOP?

My side has a similar issue...there are groups of typical GOP supporters who have claimed they won't vote for Rudy should he get the nod due to his moderate social stances...

So, if it's you stay at home come November or pinch your nose and pull the dem lever?

I'm afraid we've reach a point in politics where the letter R or D before the name is becoming the all too important criteria in national elections and no one would ever consider voting across party lines.

have a great day


Can we lock this guy in a room with Larry Craig and see what happens? I mean the gospel singer, not Tyler.

Ghost of Tom Joad

Where are your smileys? ;-)



Ghost, Interesting observation. Tyler must be up to something sinister.


sorry...oversight on my part



John, i wasnt trying to make a joke...I was being serious.

Would you consider staying at home come 11/08 if Barrack somehow manages to get the nod for the Dems?

I think both sides have gotten to the point where the 'protest' vote of not voting is becoming a thing of the past...and voting for the person you consider the lesser of two evils is the only path left.

For my side, is Rudy really all I want as the GOP standard bearer? hell no, especially with his views on gun control and how much I value the second amendment. However, when it comes to say....Rudy versus Hillary...then there is no way I stay at home come election time.

Same thing for you with may totally disagree with his views on gays...but could you really stay home and not vote? I understand the importance of doing the principled thing, but all too often today, principle is not practical.

Just my thoughts.

have a good day

John Morgan

I'd write in the name of someone I think would be a good president and someone whom I support. I cannot support Obama after he did this. NO.


Gotta respect your principles. And your consistency.

have a great day :)

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