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November 29, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

One thing is obvious then. He has a damn good financial adviser.

Fran the pipefitting man

I wonder how much Jonas Salk was paid per year to develop the polio vaccine?

John Morgan

Polio, schmolio, how many national championships did he win???

Seriously, your's is an excellent question. Why do we value our entertainers and sports figures more than our teachers, scientists and researchers?

Paterno's salary, compared with comparable top tier coaches, is quite conservative, much like the man. In a time when Lou Saban gets $4 million a year JoePa's contract is quite meager.

dennis g.

Paterno may not be in a "classroom," but he is a teacher by any definition of the word. And while I don't always agree with his philosophies (in either football or politics) he deserves every cent he gets.
Now if we could only get our priorities in order... other teachers, as well as researchers, engineers, etc. would be a top of the money list. And the entertainers, sports figures, and more than a few CEO's might be mired somewhere in the middle.

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