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November 30, 2007


dennis g.

Glad I'm not a "face book" member, but like any other sneaky enterprise, you should be given the choice to "opt in" not out.


Many moons ago, I used to work for a small company.

One of this company's software sales was this...

Let's say you visit a certain site that paid my company for their software...say, for example, Now you hit Amazon, then go to other sites like say ESPN,, and then the daily kos.

the software tracks you as you surf...then the next time you go back to Amazon, you get hit with ads specifically tailored for you by your surfing for books on sports, tennis, and left wing writers like Al Franken.

It's been going on for years, but I cant believe facebook just gave away the used to have to pay for it.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

As John Aravosis pointed out at AmericaBlog when this came out (pun intended), say, for example, Larry Craig has a Facebook page and visits on the DL, then goes and buys something very gay related, then goes to Facebook and sees it all exposed...

Or his wife sees it...

Ghost of Tom Joad

I never saw it. I only buy stuff any commie pinko lefty would buy. LOL!! Buying Neil Young and Springsteen CD's. Or Krugman's latest. Or "The Assault on Reason". How did Facebook track people? What happens if you cleaned your cache/cookies on a regular basis?

John Morgan

Good question, I do mine regularly. I suspect this is a sort of program Tyler was talking about and various websites are sharing information. If it's being done through tracking cookies, Doubleclick, etc. or whatever cleaning your cookies out and clearing your cache might help.

I use a program called Internet Cleanup. It has a cookie manager so I can keep the cookies I need.


Or you can use HideIP...or any of the many anonymous surfing software that is out there.

I don't too often. But its all out there if people chose to use it.


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