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December 31, 2007


DC 93

I'm glad Lou Barletta did what he did. I'm not afraid to proclaim: Send them all the hell back! Only I want all illegals, not just those of the Mexi-tard flavors tossed out.

I am an equal-opportunity illegal immigrant ouster.

Before y'all get to roasting me on my words here, I also want the government to reform immigration and stop allowing companies to send firms to Mexico, and punish those that do to force Mexic to clean up its act. I also want the USA to pull out of CAFTA and NAFTA.

I also want to see the Border Patrol be given the powers to stop illegals crossing at any cost, including deadly force for those who don't turn and flee.

The liberal Politically Correct and the conservative moral brow beating machines can take a hike, where I'm concerned. It is time this year to bring to light and life the sides of issues and questions involving situations that have been largely missing or ignored from the public discourse.

I don't give a damn what the mainstream mediocres and politics as usual types think nobody cares about or that they'd sooner not have to hear or deal with. Most have become so insulated, numbed, and placated into a pabulum sort of way of life around here and elsewhere that to continue in such a way any longer, without challenging the mediocrity, ignorace, and idiocy would be a greater detriment to our society as a whole than for me to endure the doubtless attempts to paint me as some fringe, social malcontent. I've seen tastes of this last year from some who choose to remain namless and have no problem outting others. Well, I'm out and there's great freedom in that.

I expect some will be irritated by what I have to say and analyze, some will happy with what I have to state and analyze, but if it makes some have pause, rethink, or awaken from their daily stupor, then I'll consider that a success.

p.s. Look for a Wordpress blog, run by me to begin sometime in the spring this year.

-Have a great 2008
-D. Carabello

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