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December 13, 2007



The steroid use is being encouraged at the high school level. It has become the way to get an edge for youths aspiring to a major league career.

The steroids are purcahsed easily over the internet and some youths have died because of direct encouragement from their coaches. I saw a news program interviewing parents of a dead teen.


Clean it up and move on as Mitchell said.


Interesting items that came from that report...

1) Surprise, no current Red Sox were listed! Wow, who would have guessed that considering who wrote the report.
2) Roger Clemens...long considered to be the biggest Judah to Red Sox nation...took it on the chin the worst...and the only claim against him came from his trainer who was quoted earlier saying Clemens never took anything.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure that this report was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sheer volume of players doing the juice, but it seems to have served at least one purpose in satisfying the beantown faithful.

The Yanks got slandered, the Sox came out pretty clean (I think Mo Vaughn was named) and Clemens is now out of the HOF. 1, 2, 3!

Nice job George!

have a great day :)

p.s. As a Pirate fan, no wonder we stink...the only real Pirate on the juice was Denny Neagle...and I was at enough games where he pitched to know that the juice did not help...i think there are some homeruns he gave up that still havent landed yet....

John Morgan

The biggest sign someone was on the juice (aside from the obvious muscles) is the inevitable breakdown of the bones and joints. Knees and such aren't beefed up by the juice and you usually saw these players begin frequent trips to the DL. Witness Lenny Dykstra, David Bell, Darren Daulton, etc. for Phillies fans.

At least we know now why the Pirates have been so bad: they weren't cheating enough.


This only reiterates my thoughts about Bonds records... his 73 hrs in a season and his slugging percentage (.863)...are now untouchable and will stand forever with Dimaggio's 56, Ryan's 7 no hitters, ripkens consecutive games (2632?), Cy Youngs wins...and other untouchables.

Bonds was the perfect storm for records to be broken...a once in a lifetime player with all the God given talent to play baseball, a once in a lifetime competitor who was willing to give it all to win, THE BEST JUICE science had to offer and the ability to not give a crap about anyone except himself (did you see how he left his own son standing when he hit 756?)so he could ignore all his critics and media attention as he passed record after record.

After this report, anyone trying to make a serious run at his records will have to be another once in a lifetime player who is willing to juice for all its worth just to try to match what Bonds did. Toss is what will be an INTENSE media scrutiny...and most people would collapse under the pressure. A-rod anyone? He folds like a house of cards during the post you really think he could handle the pressure should he ever break 60 in a season? And what it he got to say 70? He'd wilt like a flower in the hot sun.

Asterix or not, Bonds' records arent going away in our lifetime.

Shame too...he was a 400-400 guy before deciding to juice. A no brainer as an all time great. Now, that is tarnished.

John Morgan

That's the shame of it for players like Bonds and Clemens. They could have made the HOF based solely on their talent. Now their accomplishments are forever tainted by cheating.

Ryan Howard may be just what baseball needs at this juncture: a clean power hitter with the potential to break all the records.


John, not sure if you read the report...

and again, i am saying he (Clemens) isnt on the gas...

But the evidence offered in that report is circumstancial at best...and wouldnt stand up in a court of law...even a civil suit.

He was named by one guy...who previiously has stated that Clemens never took steriods. There are no witnesses, and no financial records.

Again, not saying he isn't...the circumstancial evidence is there, but if he turns out to be innocent...he got shafted by Red Sox nation BIG TIME.

John Morgan

One guy, one guy who cooperated as part of a plea agreement with the feds. That means he wasn't just singing Dixie.

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