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January 31, 2008


James Deviaso


Love your blog and felt the need to reply on the Cyril Wecht reference. Ok, so the prosecution is proving that Cyril Wecht is an A-hole boss to work with. Is that really a federal crime? All the testimony of these people doing errands for Wecht appears to say the following:
The deputy coroner, a person who was not Wecht, ordered them to do these tasks.
Cyril appeared to compensate the staff for all tasks completed for his business
Cyril never seems to order the staff to do these tasks.

How did this case go to trial? Is it really worth the millions spent?

James Deviaso

The charges against Cyril are usually reserved for a public official taking a bribe or a public official getting kickbacks. Not used to go after a public official for using a fax machine and mailing a few packages. That's right. Although the prosecution is playing up the corpse trading accusations, the indictment is solely for the faxes and the mailings. The faxes cost the county $3.20 and the mailings cost ~$142. Additionally, it is impossible to determine whether Cyril meant for the county resources to be used. It may be as simple as his secretary cutting corners on a task and opting to send things from the coroners office opposed to walking to the private office. All in all, how do these charges amount to federal felonies? Shouldn't this be a civil fine at best?

Then again I remember that Mary Beth Buchanan once told 60 Minutes "that she did not care what the law said, she just needs to convince 12 people she was right without reference to the actual law."

I can't stop from thinking that this case is another example of Buchanan misapplying the law.

John Morgan

Thanks for weighing in with your insightful comment James. Yes, that's the crux of the matter, was this criminal conduct? If so, according to Buchanan, why isn't she prosecuting herself? The hypocrisy of it is astounding.

This is another example of the corruption rampant in the DOJ in going after political prosecutions.

John Morgan

Buchanan is a Gonzales political hack using the Justice Department for political advocacy. It's about bringing down Democrats.

If Wecht was such a bad boss then let the voters decide what to do about his conduct. That's what elections are for.

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