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January 30, 2008


DC 93

Well, silly John you don't, but ask yourself this...

If you are a GOP presidential candidate and you realize that your current GOP figurehead commander-in-chimp is whacked for thinking that it will be ok to keep troops in Iraq for potentially decades to come, but you need enough support for a nomination among those who still think ole Georgie still has some noteworthy ideas about how to run (er, I mean screw) America, then they've got some hard choices to make.

If you want to make those who are rabid war-hawk conservatives and long-haulers on the Iraq issue start to feel good about the idea of eventually leaving Iraq, and in the not too distant future, you can't call for a pullout. It is just something that the ideological boneheads on the right who are war-hawks, especially wouldn't buy for all the oil in Arabia. However, put it in the semi-feel-good terms of a by-gone era of Nixon and Viet Nam and well, some might just buy it, especially those who remember the "honor" (shame) of Viet Nam.

It's crass, it's wrong, it's utter hogwash in a pretty blue ribbon, but I seriously doubt even McCain's words about wanting to be there for 20 or 50 more years and such. If they want to really utterly tear the GOP into pieces and deflate its ranks like a tire on spike strips, then fine, talk about the Iraqi crusades of 50 years, but the hard core reality is, money, public support, and other considerations have worn on even the once very staunch vangarde of the GOP who helped push this war when they held Congress.

Truth, no matter how ugly, no matter how loathed for whatever reasons and agendas, will eventually come to call for its due and doesn't give a rip, shit, or bust who it takes aim at, because real hard truth doesn't stop for spin in the road. It may have to swerve, weave, and take a while to hit home, but by gosh, it does everytime and the longer the wait, more often the uglier the results.

Well, the truth about Iraq, the future of our presence and efforts there and elephant in the living room have all started to hit home with the GOP presidential candidates. I just wish they had the nuts and character to just 'fess it up and be done with it. Of course, that would mean a large helping of "I told you so" come across the table from the Dem's and while I agree that is certainly deserved, the Dem's need to be the bigger person here and not go there. Getting what most of us have known all along to finally happen and for the nonsense and nightmare to end is most important against trying to hold up the "Got Losers?" banner and tossing it at the feet of the GOP.

Then, again, what the hell do I know, don't take my word for it.

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