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January 31, 2008



1) now it's the Democrats fault that we lost this war

Despite the best efforts of the left, the war is not lost. It's still going on and progress...even harry ried admits being made. But to call it lost is wishful thinking on your part.

2) Democrats didn't lose Iraq, Republicans lost this war.

see above

3) Democrats didn't create phony intelligence and lie to America to build phony support for the war

but they felt free to use it when hurling tomahawk missiles into Iraq and Sudan when it suited them...come on John, I've given you quotes numerous times by senior democratic leadership who believed the intel at the time. keep pounding that drum, some sheep may follow...but anyone who can read won't.

4) Democrats didn't fail to deploy enough troops to keep the peace. Democrats didn't fail to have a plan for civil administration of Iraq during an occupation. Democrats didn't lie about how many Iraqis were being trained. Democrats didn't blindly equip the insurgents with our own arms. It wasn't Democrats who failed to have enough troops to guard large arms caches and depots during the invasion.

correct, they threatened to cut off funding, called the American troops cold blooded murderers and claimed we are terrorizing the iraqi civilians in the dead of the night.

the war was mismanaged, the war (like all wars) hasnt gone smoothly, and despite the best efforts of the far left and the hijacked democratic party...the war is still going and and FAR from lost.

Maybe at your next birthday party, when it comes time to blow out the candles and make a wish, you can wish we lost the war...but until that happens...the war is still going on. (And the fact that you want us to lose a war is telling.)

And come January 21, 2009 when Barrack is taking his oath of will still be going on. And in January 2010 too.

We havent left Japan, we havent left Germany and thats been 60+ years.

We'll both be pushing up daisies before this is all said and done.

Have a great day :)

Jim Keller

I know you are a supporter of the war in Iraq, so I have a question for you: what sacrifices have you made in support of the war?


Tyler won't acknowledge the sacrifices we are all making for this war. The value of our dollar falls daily, our debt is owed to China and Saudi Arabia and now we make secret deals to promise to pay back this debt to avoid these countries calling in the debt. If you have disposable income, most of it goes to gas and oil heat, the cost of oil increases all other staples.

Our Country has no economic foundation, we exist on a propped up system and we keep throwing more wood on the fire by lowering interest rates. Did you know the Federal Reserve interest rate sets the rate at which WE borrow money. Lowering the rate, lowers our debt.

Many of those sub-prime mortgages were sold to China and Saudi Arabia. The loans are no good. The scam has been committed against foreign countries, now what do we do? Our government promises to make good? What do these countries do if we say, "Oops you got scammed."

Tyler has yet to admit the long-term results of eight years of complete corruption and cover-up. He is in denial. Many Americans do this. It is easier to shop and play house than to acknowledge the level to which you have been victimized. As people, our nature wants to believe in good, denial permits us to continue this false belief.

John Morgan

Tyler has taken a trip to Egypt where he's cruising the river of DeNile.


I will continue to vote for those who will fund our soldiers (rather than those who threaten to cut off the funds) and those who dont call our troops cold blooded murderers.

Well, that and we do that adopt a soldier program.

And I dont consider it to be a sacrifice...its something I enjoy doing.

oh yea, i idle my dodge ram 1500 about an hour a day to burn gas so I can fill up my tank more often to help pump money into the coffers of the big oil companies...which helps drive up stock price...which in turn grows the investments I have for my kids college funds.


Jim Keller

So in other words, you are making no sacrifices for the war.


your opinion Jim.


so Jim how many homeless have you taken into your home this week Jim? How many checks have you written to someone who was the victim of predatory (snicker) lending practices and are now in default with their mortgage? Still driving to work, Jim? Burning those fossil fuels and making the world a worse place for our kids while simultaneously killing polar bears? Have you even adopted a sheltered pet? Come on Jim, you have issues your support...tell us your sacrifices... I

laughable...the chickenhawk label is laughable because it can be easily turned around on ANY issue. So outside of Mother Theresa who walked the walked and laid down in the slums of Calcutta with the lepers and downtrodden...

have a great day :)

Jim Keller

Asking those who support this war to do more than slap a ribbon magnet on their car is not out of line. The main reason we have not met our goals in Iraq is because we have a shortage of both troops and equipment, and the Republican leadership has done nothing to remedy this. If you Republicans feel that the war in Iraq is the equivalent to WWII, fine…then let’s fight it like WWII, which means raising taxes (not cutting them, like Bush did) and activating the military draft. If you guys don’t want to do these things, then you aren’t serious about winning and hence we should pull out now. I don’t know how old you are, but if you are young enough to serve in the military, I would be curious to hear you explain to a soldier who is on his way to his 6th combat tour of duty in Iraq why he has to go back there and you get to stay home.

Let me also point out that I try to live in accordance with my beliefs. For example, I buy fairly traded, sweatshop-free and environmentally friendly products.

Oh, and lest I forget, when we first went into Afghanistan, I was 35, I had a good paying job, I was finishing up my degree, I had been out of the military for over a decade, and my daughter was a baby. In spite of all of this, I tried to enlist in the National Guard, because I believed (and still do) that our invasion of Afghanistan was proper. They didn’t take me because of a partial deafness in my ear (caused, ironically, by my previous military service) but I at least made the effort. All I am saying that the rest of you Iraq war supporters could do the same. Thanks, and have a nice day.


Like I said, my family is in the adopt a soldier program...which uses the money we give (not huge amounts, but then again I am not rich) for supplies and equipment. And for some magazines which normally have a hard time getting into certain 'morally rigid' countries.

As for this...
"I would be curious to hear you explain to a soldier who is on his way to his 6th combat tour of duty in Iraq why he has to go back there and you get to stay home."

How about this...Sir, who's efforts I appreciate and who I don't consider to be a cold blooded murderer and who I dont think is terrorizing women and children in the night like the democratic leadership does... you enlisted. You made the choice to enlist. With that choice comes responsibilites to live up to and a tough job to perform that has lasting worldwide implications. However, with your training and with your fellow servicemen and women, you will be successful despite the full out efforts of the left to undermine your moral, your funding and your mission. Thank you for your service, good luck, God bless, I hope you come home soon and I hope you kick as much ass (figureatively) as is needed to turn that country around. Because despite what you hear 24x7 from ABCNBCCNNMSNBCCBS...this country wants you to win.

thanks for your former service Jim, and have a great day. :)


Oh yea...and another thing...

"The main reason we have not met our goals in Iraq is because we have a shortage of both troops and equipment, and the Republican leadership has done nothing to remedy this."

In case you forgot, the Dems are now in the leadership position in both houses of the MAJORITY.

So if there is a shortage of troops/ is now on the Dems if that is occuring now as we speak...the dems need to 1) get the troops out...and we all know how fast that is happening...the dems won in what...11/06...and still no withdrawal?? And no plans to?? And you guys are still more mad at Rush Limbaugh than your own leadership who full faced LIED TO YOU. And still are. And will for the foreseeable future. 2) more funding FOR THE EQUIPMENT. if not, what does that say about the dems support of the troops?

Can't have it both ways wanted leadership in congress...with that comes the responsibility for the troops. of whom you have just admitted failing.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

Wait, wait wait, tyler. The Democrats tried to push through goals, timetables and benchmarks and the Republicans either vetoed or filibustered every one. Don't obstruct every thing then blame us! That's beyond being disingenuous. Nothing got done because Congressional Republicans and President Bush blocked every single bill.

Jim Keller

I guess you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this. I just would like to know where Republican war supporters would stand on the draft issue if the war would get to the point (if it is not already there) where the current troop levels are stretched so thin that the US absolutely, positively could not win without resorting to some sort of a draft. Philosophically, as a liberal-libertarian, I am opposed to conscription of any kind, but I have to admit that the thought of all of those College Republican types looking down at their draft notices and making fudge in their shorts does make me let out a little giggle.

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