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February 21, 2008


Ghost of Tom Joad

Good for Obama. I don't watch these debates(because the hosts are so awful). I wonder what King's face looked like when Obama made a fool of him.


Clinton: "everyone knows I've faced some crises and challenging moments in my life." She said people ask her how she does it, how she keeps going and says what she faces has no comparison to what ordinary Americans face every day and mentions the veterans and what they face after losing limbs and have other wounds from war.

too bad she 'borrowed' that canned response that line from her hubby's 1992 election. the 'the critiscm i face is nothing compared to what the little people go through...' paraphrased of course, but still pretty much his words.

which is exactly why the clintons charges of barrack plagarising seem so immature.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

tyler, surely you aren't accusing this woman of using someone else's words without attribution are you??? Surely after condemning her opponent for such conduct she wouldn't do this herself! (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek)


Hillary? Perish the thought!

I am just waiting to see if Barrack (or his camp) will call her on guess is no. And it will be a great tactic if he doesn't...he can come across as being "better than such pettiness"

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