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February 23, 2008



If McCain manages to subsequently win the support of conservative pitbulls like Hannity, who seemingly operate on the notion of 'an enemy of my enemy is a friend', he may have the last laugh.

Lee Levan


I take offense to your equating Hannity with a pitbull. It insults the canine species.

Kirk Wentzel

Is there a species low enough to be on a par with Hannity? Perhaps if Bush were his own species...

So John, you're saying that somwbody's trying to SPIN the straight talk express? Isn't that an oxymoron?

John Morgan

You caught that bit of spin? Yes.


Does the same principle apply to chihuahuas, Lee? ;-) LOL

Lee Levan

I would say not, because the (non-Hannity) individual who has been compared to a rabid chihuahua has virtually none of the power of Hannity and likely speaks out of ignorance rather than enmity. However, both are self absorbed, verbose blowhards. Comparing Mr. Verbosity to Hannity is analogous to comparing a chihuahua to a pitbull in ability to do harm. One makes only noise; the other can injure seriously.


Phew! I was beginning to worry I'd have to undergo canine sensitivity counseling, and that left me feeling a bit unklempt. Thanks for the clarification! ;-)

John Morgan

This thread is going to the dogs!

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