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February 11, 2008


DC 93

Ah, the sound of the ugly truth roaring its call to be heard above the drone of ignorance and debauchery.

I wonder if Lou was thinking of asking the NRCC for some campaign cash this year?

Of couse, I'm quite stunned and amazed *choking sarcasm* at the impropriety and malfeasance at the heart of such a moral and fiscally responsible party as the GOP. Yeah they need to cut the pork alright, because they need to pay back election debts.

I need to rethink my own financial affiliations, choice of institutions that is.

John Morgan

Do I presume you're with Wachovia? Maybe you should hit them up for a similar undocumented loan.

Does this remind you of another organization with questionable financial practices that won't allow an outside audit?

DC 93

Oh, I don't know, you might presume that notion, but no, I don't want any undocumented loans from anyone.

Gee, could you mean perhaps those guardians of Walking-around Monies, the PA State Assembly, or perhaps the every so fiscally responsible crowd at PHEAA?

Better yet, I bet you might be referring to the official Berks Dem County Committee, now? Yet, I find that notion somehow astonishing and wonder why such a small, largely ineffectual organization would bother going to the trouble of embroiling itself in such similar type(s) of fiscal shenanigans now John.

Wait, I know, it must be those defenders of temporary automotive storage, the Reading Parking Authority, but they've got such patently transparent practices now don't you know.

You know it is really a bit hard to guess exactly which organization you might be hinting at, with so many to potentially choose from, John.

John Morgan

ROFL! You know, something else occurred to me. What happens if someone is hurt at work, their employer doesn't provide workmans comp and they get their other insurance to cover the medical bills? No other insurance covers work injuries as that would drastically affect their actuarial calculations and run their premiums through the roof. Therefore, by law, all employment illnesses and injuries are covered by WC. No other coverage applies, legally.

Maybe Candy can explain this in her "hot air" fictional blog. I assume our esteemed local Chair was referring to her in his charge about "hot air blogs."

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