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February 14, 2008



Pittsburgh fans have come to terms with the fact that the Pirates will not ever make any strides in their on the field performance. A .500 season is a dream. We have 15 consecutive seasons of losing baseball with no indication that 15 more won't follow.

The current ownership will still run business as usual unitl the day that the stands are devoid of paying fans.

But until that happens, they will still make 25-35 million per year and give away trinkets and put on fireworks displays often enough to keep the turnstiles spinning.

No one goes to a Pirate game any more with the intention of seeing a competitive game. You go to the game to enjoy the day, eat some great food and soak up the ballpark. If the Pirates win, its a bonus, as you weren't expecting it. If they lose, it doesnt matter because you dont care, its the not the reason you went in the first place.

I used to love baseball when my dad took us to the games (we used to see about 10 per year)...I remember seeing Bill Robinson hit three dingers in a game against the Dodgers when I was 9. Jim Bibby was the pitcher. We sat in the left field seats. Pirates won. Even got some autographs after the game. My brother and I always brought our gloves.

I went to only one game last year (was given the tickets and a parking pass), and as God as my witness, I cannot remember who we played (without doing a google search) or what the score was. Or who the pitcher was. I do remember taking my son to the play area and run around the bases on the tiny diamond. And I ate all of mine, and most of my wife's nachos.

Hope springs eternal? You've lucky.

Have a great day :)

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