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March 13, 2008



Someone ask both of the candidates what they think of the economic costs of the vote to start this thing in Iraq.


13 Mar 2008 05:05 pm

Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign has accepted ABC's invitation for a 4/16 debate in Philadelphia.

So has Obama -- but he's also accepted a debate for 4/19 in North Carolina, one hosted by Katie Couric and Bob Scheiffer of CBS News. . .

John Morgan

That's a good question. If I get the chance I'll ask it for you.

John Morgan

The debate here is set for the National Constitution Center, a place I've been numerous times for events. An appropriate venue for such a discussion. I would hope at least one question there would raise the issue of constitutional integrity and the erosion of our civil liberties.

Joyful Alternative

Nah, there'll be stupid, irrelevant questions about Geraldine Ferraro and Jeremiah Wright, or whatever other pointless media gossip is hottest at that time. Nothing about war and peace, or single-payer health care as opposed to the "subsidize the uninsured by giving big bucks to for-profit health insurers" both candidates hold, or straightening out the budget. Just gossip and gotcha's.

A lot of this is because our supposed top journalists are not knowledgeable enough to discuss important topics, or in touch with outside-the Beltway ordinary people enough to understand what's important to us. Just gossip and gotcha's.

John Morgan

Then it's up to us to define some of these issues while the spotlight is on PA. This is your forum, go to it.

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