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March 16, 2008


Lee Levan

Clinton accused of the following? "They have portrayed her as someone who would . . . say or do anything to win an election, someone who is dishonest, divisive and disingenuous."

IMO, that's just about right. It's about time the Obama campaign stop allowing her campaign to bash him without calling her on her destructive tactics. She's on the verge of handing the election to McCain. Only Obama can beat McCain. She is so blinded by personal ambition that she can't or won't see that.


Jesus, John. This is not about Obama or Hillary. This is about the American people and I'm surprised you think requesting her tax returns is a negative attack.

OK, Obama promissed to run a clean campaign. He didn't promise to not tell the truth. Hillary is polarizing, too divisive, secretive, etc - it's just the truth. EVERYBODY knows and every survey confims it.

The only thing that voters are REALLY interested in, is what the Clintons are hiding. Instead of whinning, they should prove Obama wrong by releasing the tax returns IMMEDIATELY. It's a standard she set when she ran against Lazio.

John Morgan

A negative attack is when they say she's obviously hiding something she doesn't want out and say "this failure (to release records) raises other questions-what are they hiding," is an attack. I don't have a problem with that question, but it is an attack and opens them to the counterattack.

Hillary should release this information, voters do have a right to know it. Attacking her over it IS politics as usual however.


Ok Diamond - so since Obama "didn't promise to not tell the truth" that means he doesn't have to? This man has been lying to the American people since his campaign started. Rezko, NAFTA, Wright, his position on the war, etc, etc. I could go on and on. This is not new politics.

Oh - and as to what the voters are concerned with. I think it is how Obama could be a member of a church for 20 years, donate tens of thousands of dollars, trust his pastor so much that he allows him to perform his marriage ceremony and his childrens' baptisms - and say he had no idea that this man was so vile and full of hate. If he can attend a church for 20 years and not know what is being said, how the hell is he going to know what is going on in his own damn cabinet?!?!


Release yout taxes! Release your earmarks! Release ur donors' list! Release your WH papers!


"Hillary has rightfully stated that as Democrats we should be proud of our field of candidates."

Why then, John, has she also seemingly offered endorsements to John McCain if she is not selected as the nominee? These implied endorsements came directly from the horse's mouth and not a surrogate:

John Morgan

Well, she's also proud of Sen. McCain.

Dave Miller

Hillary is just doing what any candidate in second place does in a modern day political contest. Don't think for a minute that Obama and his surrogates wouldn't be doing the same if he was in 2nd place. Remember when Hillary thought she had it all wrapped up early on how positive she was? She now must point out differences with her opponent and must show his weaknesses. Isn't wanting to win because you think you can do a better job the name of the game? Her job has been made much harder because the media has given Obama a free pass (and he is far from squeaky clean)!

Lee Levan


Sad that you stooped to the level of taking a portion of the quote so as to reverse the meaning of what Diamond wrote. I'm guessing that you did that intentionally and that you're not really dumb enough to misunderstand what Diamond wrote. With supporters like you, Hillary doesn't need any enemies.

Also, is that Hillary's best issue? Things that Obama's minister said? No wonder she's losing to him.

Joyful Alternative

I don't get pushing for her tax returns. My 2007 taxes aren't done yet.

John Morgan

Candidates normally issue copies of their tax returns going back several years Joy. John Kerry released his even before he announced. People want to know how and where they made their money.


Hillary's tax release countdown: 29 DAYS TO GO.

Joyful Alternative

I think we will be grossed out if Bill releases his library donors list, but I still think in March Barack's people should be calling for Hillary's 2006 tax files specifically; otherwise, a lot of voters will have the same reaction I have.

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