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March 20, 2008


Chuck Pennacchio

Terrific coverage, as always, John.

We're on our way with endorsements by PA AFL-CIO, Leaguse of Women Voters, PA Council of Churches, and dozens more organizations, thousands of individual citizens. Getting an economic impact study is a real key -- and now we've got Ds andRs both on the same page.

Keep on fighting!

Chuck Pennacchio
Executive Director

Lani Frank

The only real issue is whether there is enough "political will" from our elected officials to get us what we need-the question of whether there is "public will" has been answered!! Everyone knows the current system is broken and no one can explain why everyone shouldn't have a similar program to Medicare-The insurance companies add NO value to our health CARE-it is time for the "public will" to outweigh that of the lobbyists who control our destiny.

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