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March 07, 2008



Good luck to Hillary. She's right to start early. Lots of convincing to do in Pennsylvania...

John Doh

I think she's simply looking for a reason for doing so poorly in Mississippi.

Clinton wants to be President to some of the people!

John Morgan

Wait a second John Doh, I know I moved my clocks ahead last night but I thought it was only supposed to be one hour. Is it now Wednesday? Mississippi didn't vote yet.... How do you know the results already, did you move your clock ahead to Wednesday?

busy bee

Mississippi is another state on Hillary's long list that doesn't count. Only the ones she can win count. Plus she needs to gather up the vote in Pennsylvania before she releases her income tax reports. Hey Hillary, take a day off campaigning and do your income tax returns! ha


let's not vote for Barack who chooses to hang out with people who hate white people and America

B Gutsch

Does anyone think on here think Obama's race speech helped him? Just curious.

John Morgan

The feedback I've heard has been very positive.

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