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March 18, 2008


Kirk Wentzel

John, as an Obama supporter I do not believe you are a whore, traitor or that you have sold your soul.

As your friend however, I know that you are, in fact, a sleazy little ho-bag but then so am I and it has nothing to do with politics.

Peter Bonny, Jr.

John, as an Obama supporter I as well do not believe that you are a part of a Clinton conspiracy or something. You're also not a "whore," a "traitor," "sold your soul" or whatever other Obama's supporters other than myself have said in their barrage of misguided statements.


I am sorry that some fervent supporters are still stuck in the old-school politics of the past. It has been a struggle to get them to understand that HRC's tactics are not our tactics. SO MANY of my fellow Obama supporters want to go after HRC with anger, but I always remind them that we must seek a paradigm shift in how politics in America can change for the better.

I am sorry that you have been attacked, and I hope that you do not let it dissuade you from believing Obama's message.


I'm sorry to hear you've been on the receiving end of some fanatical types. They do make the rest of us look bad. They are not indicative of the majority of Obama supporters..


I pologize to the extent I can for all overzealous supporters~ I find both candidates extremely competent. I am for Obama because I believe in his heart, his judgment, and his ability to think dimensionally.

In the end, whatever happens, I want to walk into the future confident that a Dem's in the White House.

Best, Cathy


Here's a quote from Obama's interview on NPR last night:

... we've got to remind ourselves that what we have in common is far more important than what's different and that if we're going to solve any of these problems, we've got to come together and bridge our differences in ways that we just have not bridged them before.

The language has certainly ramped up over the past few weeks at the tension and the attacks become more divisive. Sometimes, it's hard not to get sucked into the emotion and the language.

Thanks for reminding everyone that when we behave and react with anger, it usually just pushes people away.

Please be aware that there are all kinds of politics at play. It may be the case that some of the nasty emails are not really from Obama supporters, but from other people trying to push you away from Obama.

Are people capable of this? Certainly, look at the Republicans voting for Hillary. There are all kinds of tricks out there.

That being said, despite the fact that we try, people are going to pop off, especially as the emotions are building up. Please be patient, and know that many of us are trying to follow Obama's lead.

It's really important to look at the candidate, their message, their legislative successes, and their judgement. Choose the candidate that best fits with your goals.

Jennifer Markens

There are certainly people that monger hate as part of any campaign. I'm a white female, age 50, supporting Barack Obama. I am old enough to remember many racist comments in white churches about persons of color, Jewish folks, and women, all the while watching corporate leaders engage in all the behaviors projected onto these scapegoated groups.

I am also aware that some folks try to mischaracterize a candidate and the actions of their supporters.

I am concerned with the health of Democracy. The central voting issue for me is that our Constitution has been severely hurt by actions over the past many years, and that corporations and foreign nationals are getting too much power to override checks and balances; to violate laws; and to interfere in our government.

If Hillary Clinton had offered transparency immediately; if she had stood out against the war; if she had not engaged the same lobby firm to run her campaign as the Republican nominee; if she had not gone to predominently wealthy interests and allied herself in deed and in fact with these forces, she might have had my vote. I am sad to say that I cannot support her behaviors, or her choices. She is not speaking to me or the concerns that jeopardize our Democracy. In fact she has participated in the very behaviors that have lead to the ruin of our economy.

Mark Penn, who is running her campaign represents the interests of multiconglomerate corporations, not voters. I am sad for my sister voters who are so dead set on voting for a woman that they fail to look at vital aspects of Senator Clinton's actual record and lack of transparency. You do not understand that what looks like progress in terms of women, will be the antithesis of all you hold dear.

Senator Obama has done a wonderful job of organizing the campiagn that most of us have been hoping for; he has vital Constitutional knowledge; he is open and transparent; he is free from dependence on lobby money and behind the scenes brokering with those who exploit our Constitution. Senator Obama is by himself, with two candidates armed with lobby money and multi-national corporations attacking every aspect of his candidacy. There is something noble about the manner in which Obama is leading this nation and he is a true public servant; not a celebrity politician.


I apologize for any offensive comments that supporters of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama have been directing to you and to other bloggers and reporters, editorial writers. I have seen hate-filled, ignorant invective coming from both sides that is embarrassing and shameful. Senator Obama has clearly stated time and time again that he does not want to campaign in the negative and you are absolutely correct in expecting his most ardent followers to follow his lead.

Cheryl Kopec

Please accept my apologies on behalf of all Obama supporters for the kind of treatment you have received. I can understand getting carried away, but there is NEVER any excuse for name-calling or insulting language in this campaign. If you have contact information for any of these individuals, please send it to me -- I would like to have a heart-to-heart with them.


~~SSG Cheryl Kopec, Pierce County Veterans for Obama, Tacoma, Washington,

Chris Blask

Hi John,

I categorically refutee anyone claiming to understand and support Senator Obama in using such language and call on them to explain to me how such talk could in any way represent the man.

My apologies to you regardless of the source - no one deserves to be attacked. From what I have seen you are a pragmatic and honest person doing your best to promote free speech and debate and should be commended for it.

-best regards

-chris blask

Scott wahsltrom


I can only speak for myself.

I have no respect for anyone who feels the need to express their views in the vile manner that you described. My unfortunate observation of humanity is that although most of us are able to keep it at a higher level, the annonimity of email and the text message often leads some to sink to a low level in how they express themselves and their views. Few would do so face to face.

Clearly, such vitriol is antithetical to the candidacy of Barak Obama and in no way represent an understanding of the man, his vision, or the views of the vast majority of his supporters. I question if thes individuals even support him at all...

Please accept my regrets that you have had to endure this.

Scott Wahlstrom
Jefferson, MA

John Morgan

Thanks to everyone for your great comments. I've been on the road driving from Scranton (last night's Obama event) to Millersville (tonight's Clinton event). I did read them through my Samsung Blackjack at various stops.


I'm so sorry to hear this. I don't know what's happening these days with supporters from both campaigns just absolutely going nuts. Obama's campaign is about bringing everyone together, even those who disagree with us. I may not respect the view that Clinton's dirty tricks are ok, but I certainly respect the people. We all need to follow Obama's lead and remember that we are one people, even when we disagree.

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