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March 16, 2008



You're killing me, John. How is "it's not the only state" downplaying our importance? It's just a fact - there are 11 States remaining and each one is equally important. Hillary won Ohio and netted 9 delegates, whereas Obama netted 11 delegates from Iowa, a much smaller state. The notion that big states are more important is very misleading and gives false hopes to Clinton supporters.

There's not a shadow of doubt that Hilary will win Pennsylvania. The truth is, there's no contest in pennsylvania - not with the entire State etsablishment siding with her and Clinton-infused racist sentiments throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Let April 22 come and go, let's get it done with and move on.


The Rezko trial has just started --- and that may affect Pa. as well. In fact, more Rezko linked money is just now being disclosed by Obama -- and Politico said we can expect to hear many of these names at the Rezko trial --

Obama releases names of Rezko-linked donors
By KENNETH P. VOGEL | 3/15/08 7:25 PM EST

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign on Saturday released a list of 43 contributions totaling $73,900 that it says it will donate to charity because they were linked to indicted fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko.*** There are many overlaps between the names on the list and those expected to come up during Rezko’s trial. The list includes contributions reported days after the June 2003 fundraiser*** [list follows]

John Morgan

Then again The Chicago Tribune just exonerated Sen. Obama of any involvement in the Rezko mess.

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