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March 18, 2008



Not sure if I am going to get in trouble here...but I am gonna release a secret...I might just my 'white privledge' revoked... it comes...are you sitting down?

There is no secret white guy handshake we do when we see each other. There is no code we speak in, there are no free hand outs we give to each other. We don't get free lunches. What I've got (which isnt as much as I would like) I've earned and was not handed to me (which includes more credit card debt than I would like). We dont spend our time sitting around, lighting cigars with $100 bills thinking of new and clever ways to surpress minorities. Speaking for me, with the wife, kids, job, paying confiscatory taxes, writing on John's blog (lol!) etc, I am too busy to think about ways to hold back anyone.

There. I said it. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders.

No, I dont know what its like to be black, but using that same logic, no black person knows what its like to be white. No Asian knows that its like to be Mexican, no gentile knows what its like to be a jew.

Does that mean I now say whatever I want about any race and use the 'you dont understand what it means to be white' logic? Can I sit back and decry any criticism as 'lynching'? Can I sit back and claim that any disscussion is an attempt to silence my voice?

Nah, I'm not buying it. He got heard loud and clear. Sure, I;m sure he has some good points, but his bad points are pretty bad.

have a great day :)

p.s. The assertion that in 20 years Barrack had no idea nor heard ANY of Wrights more inflammatory rhetoric is about as believable as Gore and Hillary both claiming that they were both surprised by Bill Clinton's affair with Monica. Hell, I'm not married to him, I wasnt his VP for 6years (at the time of the brou-ha-ha) and I knew he was lying when he pounded his fist on the podium. But Gore and Hillary we're both shocked? Come on. And this is the first time Barrack heard anything about Wright's viewpoints? uh-huh. suuuuuurreeeeeeee. It would be like going to McDonalds for 20 years and then being surprised they sell Big Macs. What? They sell Big Macs??? Are you just cherry picking the menu?

Peter Bonny, Jr.

Oh please, Tyler. Closing your eyes to the issue makes you really empty-headed. It's clear in itself- Historically, there has been racial injustice and discrimination and that African Americans are more likely to feel frustration from the reality of this racial divide. To ignore it purposefully is racist in itself. At least try to show some tolerance and try to understand soem of these racial issues without being insulting and blatantly racist. If you don't like Wright's comments, feel free to say you don't like his comments- don't be an ass.

Another thing, Barack Obama has made his response. It was very engaged, it promoted unity and promoted quelling intolerances in this issue. Obama did a great job explain the issue, and while this issue won't completely "go away," he did what he needed to do in trying to make us focus on being more united and to work together. There are going to be people that are not going to accept his speech and continue spinning the issue until the end, but forget 'em. Obama made it clear that if you want a more positive future and a higher path, get over it and be a part of a coalition for change.

Chris Blask

Hi John,

Very well said.

For everyone who saw Sen. Obama's speech today, I think he said much the same thing, and in a manner already being called "Historic" by the same individuals in the Glass Box who were harshly criticizing him moments before he began speaking.


No, you don't have to apologize. I have not been told the secret handshake either, and I have been turned down for work when I desperately needed it due to my race and gender - so I know how you feel.

What is amazing is that Sen. Obama just addressed not only the emotions that led to Pastor Wright's flawed words but also to yours (no offense) and mine. These words are always flawed because there is so much to be discussed that none of us can say in a few short phrases what we really mean. We are all stuck in the amber of our times and our history, and the only way to get out is to talk to all of each other, not just in our "barbershops and kitchen tables" where there is no one to offend, but in our politics and in public.

I feel that we have been given permission to talk to each other. I do not expect this to mean that the problems we are all familiar with go away tomorrow, or the next day.

But I do think we can see the end of the beginning.




Peter, i never once said racism doesnt exist. It exists here. It exists there. It existed then. It exists now. Until you get rid of people, you will not get rid of racism. Until then, racists will exist in America, England, Jamaica, China, Rwanda, Burma, every country from Angola to Zimbabwe.

However, its not the racism that is really the issue, its how you deal with that, or any other challenge that is presented to you.

Do you deal with it, move on and over come and make it irrelevant in your life OR do you crumble like a house of cards and give up entirely and miss out on other potentional opportunities that still exist? Do you say "well, no point in trying?" or do you say "ok, time to step up?"

All too often anymore, people...all people...give up when presented with the slightest challenge rather than rising to the occasion. Who ever said life wwas easy? Who ever said everything will be handed to you on a silver platter?

My point is that when confronted with any issue, people tend to back down rather than stand up.

No, I wont claim to know what it is to be black...unlike a former President who will remain nameless. however, that doesnt mean I have not dealt with issues, challenges or obstacles either. EVERYONE DOES. Think you're alone in dealing with racism, you are crazy. Irish got it, Italians got it. Mexicans get it. Everyone who comes to or is from America gets it at one point or another.

In high school, I got into a fight simply because I was white and my attackers were black. Did I blame every black I knew or met from that point on? Nope. Did I blame the predominately black school disctrict? Nope. Did I blame the country? Nope. Blamed the assholes who threw the punches simply because I was white. But they are irrelevant to one is dead, one is in jail and i have no idea about the third. Or care for that matter.

have a great day :)

p.s. I its Barack's speech. Pretty eloquent. Pretty good job. He stepped up to the plate when he had to. I dont think Hillary would have done as good a job under the same situation. It might even swing some folks who he lost when this Wright brou ha ha came to light.

John Morgan

tyler, your position is false because you assume a level playing field. Not only is it not level, most Blacks cannot even get into the ticket line much less on the playing field.


No offense, but that's bull crap.

The opportunities exist, just too many people today dont want to work for them...they want them handed out.

I could use the example of my former boss...came from Jamaica. Now owns his own company, and as I have mentioned before, hands out Cross pens to clients (and the one I used to sign my contract) that cost more than my best shoes (not making that up, I looked it up on the website). Bright guy. I still work with him and I hang on every word he says because he is a fountain of business information.

Opportunities exist for everyone. Think Thurgood Marshall had it easy?

have a great day and get out of the victimhood mentality :)

Joyful Alternative

Ooh, Chris, "stuck in the amber of our time and place"--what a great phrase. I am so going to steal that.

And John, thanks for the WaPo link to the best mass media I've read on the topic.

And Tyler, you're a white hetero abled man with no empathy. How many times could you have been told to your face that you're the best candidate for the job but "we don't hire girls for that high a level position" and keep bouncing back? Yes, I've been there; that's just how blatant it used to be.


Joyful...truth be told, I was once let go just to bring in a woman. There weren't enough in our department at the time. And I had the least seniority at the time, so I was the easiest choice.

Did I blame the girl who took my job? Nope. The company? Not really. I changed fields and went out and got another job. Even trained her which was actually more guidance than I got.

It happens to everyone. Every day. How did YOU bounce back after you were told 'we dont hire women'? Wilt like a flower? Or did you make them regret not giving you the job? I'm curious to your answer.

Might reveal alot about your character and internal fortitude.

have a great day :)

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