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March 05, 2008


Peter Bonny, Jr.

Well, if we are going to talk about the 3 major PA issues on addressed wouldn't we mentioned that one of them is the declining/dying industrial economy affecting the rural parts of this state. Another, if I'm correct, is the level of anti-war sentiment is around here. I think that is a dynamic, because at least in the rural parts of this state Ron Paul is very popular. I've seen mostly Ron Paul stickers and banners around here and no one else's. I don't know, you tell me, John. I'll make a stabbing guess at the 3rd one, it's got to be health care. I think the local environmental deterioration, namely our reservoirs from Peachbottom Nuclear, and its possible health effects is an issue. I think Allentown's Clean Water Action would agree with me, as well as some air/water environment measuring sites.

Fran the pipefitting man

I have heard from many bush republicans and independent, that they would vote for Barack over Mc Cain but they intensely Dislike Hillary. Barack brings both that type of voter and the youth vote. Mc Cain will beat Hillary, but Barrack will win over Mc Cain.

John Morgan

Good guesses. Some good some a bit off. The health care article is already written and scheduled to post March 17th. The second is fair trade/labor issues. Third is global climate change. I'm mulling over a fourth on economic issues, still working in my head how to approach it from a Pennsylvania angle. What I've been thinking is where you are: economic redevelopment of the rural, depressed areas of the state, especially Northeastern PA. My concept is combining some of this with the other issues.

As for all the Ron Paul signs, they are illegal if on public rights of way.

As of today I remain neutral in this contest. I am not prepared to endorse either candidate. I'm actually sort of enjoying covering things objectively. It also gives me access to both operations and allows me to cover both their events for our readers.

Lee Levan


I fully agree, but try to tell that to the fatheads who are the Democratic Party establishment. They seem to have a (Party) death wish.

DC 93

I love the utter Titanic sized anchor that John McCain willingly accepted today in the form of the endorsement of the sitting President George "Mumble-U" Bush.

I am sorry, but I can't help but love the bull's-eye that helped to paint on his back. Let alone the foment and dislike of those who still feel cheated by Romney's sell-out and the ailing Huckster's who will be unwilling to support McCain.

I just wish that Hillary and Obama would get the writing on the damn wall and merge and become the juggernaut ticket that I think they could be against McCain and just about any other running mate he'd choose. Given the amazing, overwhelming amount of turnout that both candidates have been able to churn up, for a primary, mind you. I can't help but feel that it would turn into a bigger combined landslide for them, if they consolidated and got down to business now.

I swear the Dem Party reminds of the Philly Eagles under Rich Kotite, they'd always find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of a victory.

John Morgan

I'm searching for all that Republican outrage over using the White House for partisan political theater. Weren't these the same people who condemned the Clintons for allowing political contributors to stay in the Lincoln bedroom?

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