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March 14, 2008


Cats r flyfishn

Interesting... seems like there is no guarantee that Hillary Clinton can buy your vote even though her campaign pays you a stipend as a "consultant". The other candidate doesn't have to pay a "consultant" for local support. We just do it because we believe there is a need for change in Washington DC politics. Barack Obama is the candidate for the 21st century.

John Morgan

Carol, my vote is never for sale. Her campaign is NOT paying me, the local effort is doing that and, I assure you, it isn't enough to "buy me off." Your accusations otherwise only demean yourself.

Lee Levan


Don't you see the inherent conflict of interest between being a member of the media reporting on a presidential campaign and being a paid campaign consultant for one of those candidates? Even if you as an individual can separate the two roles, not every member of the media can do so; thus you are giving the appearance of bias toward the Hillary camapign. This perception is enhanced by your position that only the Hillary campaign feeds you with material for your blog and gives you notice of its events. It's too fine a point that you try to make (i.e., that you can be a paid worker for Hillary's campaign -- be it local, statewide or national -- and at the same time be an unbiased reporter. You should not be surprised that, whatever the truth, you lose credibilty when you try to wear two inconsistent hats at the same time.

John Morgan

It's this simple Lee: if the Obama campaign was providing me with the same information and access as the Clinton, you'd see equal coverage. It's similar to the conundrum I have covering state races. I can't be everywhere (it's a big state), I can't cover every Congressional race, every state House and Senate race. Therefore I cover the ones which want me covering them and the ones which work with me. That's the situation I'm in with this contest: one campaign is working with me and one isn't. As soon as my consulting effort is over, and the bulk of it is close, I'll have more time to hunt down the Obama information. Heck, I haven't even gotten my mail since Monday and I haven't read the paper in days. I've watched 1/2 hour of TV all week. I can only do so much and cover so much. Pennsylvania is a BIG state.

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