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March 21, 2008



You know, the cat fighting, back-biting nonsense of the Democratic contenders and flighty, ignorant, pomposity and rancor of McCain and his visits to the Middle East and other remarks and platform policies and campaign points are truly indicative of and all too representative of what our American federal government, and to some extent (some larger or smaller) the state governments have become in the last 8 or 10 years.

Both parties with their individual or collective heads planted firmly up their backsides, pandering to some of the worst kind of tripe, filled with their own self-righteous and "heir apparent" egotistical throngs of leaders, followers, and themes.

All the while, Mr., Ms., John, Jane, Johnny, and Janie Q. Publics are being tossed around like 3 day old salad greens left out on the counter of America, some of whom are part of the pandered to or ignored groups but all of whom are sitting there hoping, waiting, wondering, and now utterly cynical to the idea that our federal government (The Republic for which it stands) is nothing but a legally mandated fraud and full of self-important asshats in both parties, that clamor over what they've done, but yet the real most deep and ugly problems among us, as a country and citizenry go largely unattended, or attended to in such ways that it effectively worsens conditions for most all people; even if their blunted feelings and obtuse view keep them from appreciating the impacts.

For a while, I'd felt that the resurrected notion of hope and unity and looking to a better future was alive again in Obama's message and overall effort, but I see now that he is not above being drawn back down into the muck, the taint, the bondage of his own role as a member of a still largely do-nothing Congress, often strangled out and muffled by a President and Vice-President, who are not fit to lead a Johnny detail, or to pour pee from a boot with instructions written under the heel (quote from Gettysburg), and I'm being kind about that assessment.

We've got a country now full of greedy, power rabid elitists on all parts of the social and political spectrum, some of whom have the wealth and power already and a whole other set who are willing to act like complete jackasses and have at their fellow man, who dare call into question their unbridled desires and lechery for greed, money, and power, because others have it and flaunt it, why can't I, after all it is capitalism now don't cha know.

Yes, it may be capitalism, but our society is NOT founded upon capitalism, it is founded upon freedom, liberty, justice, and equality under the law. Those topics that have become for some an ignorant reason to call those who stand up for such principles communists, socialists, or worse.

I do not utterly condemn the ability of people to want to prosper and to have for themselves all of what they truly need and for a good standard of living, no, don't twist my ideas and words there. What I am assailing is the unbridled, unbounded, unrealistic and yes, even harmful and degradating manner in which so few in this country have seen nothing wrong with hoarding and continuing to hoard prosperity to the detriment of those who also seek it and how they must implicitly believe that we have a bottomless pit of prosperity, or worse, they don't give a damn, because they've been too blinded by their greed and ignorance.

I really take to heat and I think we all should as well, that reminder and advice of one our most famous founders, Ben Franklin, when he observed the idea and concept of moderation, in most all ways and walks of life, always. I ask of you, who would disagree with me to think on one thing at least. What greatness and splendor is a society, any society, that allows so many of its people go to utterly penniless and to have to be supported by public welfare, so that so relatively few in comparison can enjoy every whim, desire, trapping, and bit of succor? I would put to you, no greatness is found in such a society, and those who would hold it to be great, in the face of such conditions are bald face liars, frauds, and ignorant fools who refuse to see the Truth but who will inevitably face it, as the very society that bore their rise to wealth comes utterly undone and dies around them.

I shall have more in part II.


Part II

What all the lack of moderation has done seems to be directly to have caused the accumulation of groups, polarized and concentrated into squabbling, myopically focused, and vehemently rigid with opposition to anything that does not completely and utterly comport with whatever gaggle of issues, positions, and policies that the particular group in question has raised up upon its coat of arms (and ranting mouthes). Again, I make no distinction here between the groups/factions of any stripe or tone of political or social sub-set or common interest(s). It is a guilty charge for any who fit the descriptor.

It MUST change, but alas that requires people to want not only to change, but that the change that they wish to accept is one that ameliorates and heals the kind of polarized rat-race divisions and nonsense that has helped to undo our country like a closet full of moths, where no one felt bothered enough to care to see if there was need for treating the closets for moths.

We have attained an uneasy and fraudulent sense of balance, by amassing on one hand the weight and burdens of those who fight to establish one set of rules or way of life, and on the other hand an equally potent and stacked set of groups and people with the burdens of trying to establish their way of life or policies of government and such. So, we have a body whose hands, being utterly burdened down, but apparently equally so, but with diametric or sharply different views and ways of life, are trying to see if they can tip the balance anymore to the favor or disfavor of the other. All the while the person, which is representative of our country, even justice if you will, in the scales sense only, is brought down more and more to its knees and to a grinding halt as the burdens of both hands sinks lower and lower and finally to dragging into the ground, exhausting the person to falling down entirely.

Where, where indeed shall we find someone, some group, some measure of sense and reason and truer balance, that realizes that the burdens of hands of the person are still part of the person and are part and parcel of the whole of the person as it moves throughout its existence and must survive in spite of and even because of those burdens. Civility, respect, understanding, responsibility, and above all Love, those my fellow Americans and bloggers, are the bulwarks of what prevents and deals with the situation I described in the "balanced" but burdened hands of the person as the form of our country. They have become crushed, rotted, and nearly destroyed under the weight of our collective individual and group decisions to be part of a series of petty solutions, while creating more and more endemic and disastrously growing problems that many claim are not there for they are unable to have true vision or simply ignore the beast in front of their nose, and others have become too jaded to try and change or at least confront. The few that can see this as I have laid out are living now in an insane circus that never seems to end, but only become more gruesome, and weird with each passing bit of time, and is not wholly owned to or identified by just one clear set of affected areas of life and society, but is nearly engulfed in most every aspect of it.

I know this sounds dour and dim, and gloomy and doomy, and that most would think, why should I listen to this murky outlook, when it takes me away from my bliss, joy, and pleasure. Fine. Don't bother to read or heed it or pay any mind to it, but don't then claim that you were surprised when things ground to a halt and reality came for the payment of its check and the bank of responsibility had been robbed blind and insufficiently replaced.

I don't want to see the gloomy, murkiness of things come to complete fruition anymore than probably most, but alas what we've done thus far, what has been wrought and failed to be done and laxed into ruin and disrepair has already begun the cycles of destruction and the undoing of what was brought forth on this land some 230+ years ago.

Yet, it seems very clear to me that we are all patent fools, if we continue to think that our governing officials, who some, having been elected in good faith, only to turn on those who advocated their election, clearly have shown the inability to do what is needed and what is right. For the sake of generations of children to come and those children now, who can still be reached and taught rightly, we must each of us, find within ourselves and within some very basic, common, agreeable concepts, the strength and will to unite in some form of true brother & sister hood and turn the tide we've allowed to grow out of control, as two rushing tidal waves racing at each other, dead set to dominate or topple the other. The seas of our discontented contentment and the polarized manner of existence must be calmed and mended.

Then, as a people who returned to a sense of real balance and who have reestablished the supports and bulwarks of our society, turn to the business of who we should select or elect as leaders to maintain those supports and do the right thing in their tasks on our behalf, we must make sure that all that can be done is done to ensure that whoever is selected puts the country and its basic ideals above and before his or her own views; to be the true public servant.

For now though, before us lies another round of elections that can help to at least bring about the impetus to begin the turnaround in this country. There is a clear choice in a candidate who will keep us in the existing sets of rut and ruin and path to undoing that is our course now, that person is Senator John McCain, who has openly and willingly taken from the current incumbent President the mantle of his endorsement and some rather clear language that he intends to continue the path of our present course.

On the other hand, there are 2 choices that exist which have promised, spoken of, and outline "change" in the course of our country, which could arguably be viewed as good or bad, depending on other factors for those who make that personal judgment. Out of these two much from each is endearing to people of many walks of life in this country, and much is seen as detracting to people of the same conditions. Yet, I cannot stress enough that as one of the very direct impacts of trying to once again unite the people and heal the wounds and fissures in our society that it will take being able to live alongside even that which might otherwise be quite very much against the grain of your respective individual sensibility and way of thinking. It is a challenge to live together as a society such as what we are supposed to be, but it is soft, easy, and mindless to continue to live in the compartmentalized, shut-off, and aloof, indifferent manner that many have embraced as their lifestyle.

So, I say to you all, we need to come together on a choice, one that puts the current divide among the 2 candidates for "change" out of mind and strives for something more. We need to pursue a unified ticket with Clinton and Obama, or Obama and Clinton in a show of commitment to truly righting the ship that is nearly all aground or sunk to the bottom (depending which version you prefer). Let us raise our voices, and our views, and our consciences to go beyond the normal path of election and demand that these two people join forces and become progenators of the resurgence of America's hope and future, but let that call come from the masses and let it ring from sea to shining sea.

Clinton/Obama '08 or Obama/Clinton '08

Let the future start now.

John Morgan

Thanks for the thoughts DC. Let's see how the campaigns react.

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