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March 11, 2008



For the life of me, I cannot see how the wives stand right next to them at the podium.

If that was me, the camera would pan over to my wife as she was loading my pistol grip 12 gauge shot gun and pointing it towards my skull. Assuming I made to the press conference to begin with...the irony of being killed by a woman I taught how to shoot...

Kobe, Clinton, McGreevy (and that was with a guy, its not like he's climbing back into bed with her, he switched teams), et al...they (the wives) just sit there, looking somber and remorseful like THEY did something wrong.

Is it the money? The presitge of being married to a famous person? The perks? Getting embarrassed on a world stage like that and they still stick around?

And you never hear about a famous woman cheating on her man and the guy sticking around...Meg Ryan has a fling with russell crowe and Dennis quaid rebounds with playboy playmates. None of that 'we're going to stick it out for the kids' crapola.

Loving the fact that Hillary gets hit by this by proxy. I think the term is schatenfreut, even though I cant be bothered to spell it correctly.

have a great day :)

John Morgan

Schadenfreud, I believe.


thanks for the correction...

the other thing I love is how Spitzer didnt get labeled during the news casts...because he's a democrat. If this guy was a GOP'er, his party affiliation would be front and center.

"Incredibly, in lead stories Monday night about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer being linked to a prostitution ring, neither ABC's World News nor the NBC Nightly News verbally identified Spitzer's political party"

Compare that to Senator Wide stance...

In the Craig case, fill-in ABC anchor Kate Snow opened the Tuesday, August 28 World News:
"Good evening. A Republican Senator is fighting to save his political career and personal reputation, tonight."

"August 28, Brian Williams led the NBC Nightly News:
"We begin this evening with a drama that is the talk of the nation's capital and the talk of the state of Idaho tonight. It is the story of a Republican United States Senator, arrested for an alleged sexual advance to an undercover police officer in an airport men's room in Minneapolis."

Must be nice.

i know, i know, you are going to say its the perceived hypocracy on the part of the GOP that makes the labeling ok...

have a great day :)


And another pissed would you be if you were the real George Fox....from what i hear, he's a buddy or co-worker of Spitzer...

Hey, thanks for using my name, ASS!

Then, imagine being George Fox's wife...she's probably giving poor George the 3rd degree interrogation as we speak...i bet she called in the feds to waterboard him...the terrorists at club gitmo are getting off easy compared to this poor bastard George..."George, why would he use YOUR name? Did you tell him it was ok to use YOUR name? George, have you done this too? George, who's Kristin? George, werent you on that same trip to DC George? George, where's your laptop, i want to review your Internet Explorer files...see if you ever visited that executive club!! George, dont you roll your eyes at me! George, come back here! I;m not done talking to you!!!!!"

poor sob never saw it coming. forget the citizens of new york...politicians are a dime a dozen and wont be missed...spitzer owes George an apology press conference.

John Morgan

Sorry, I'm not ignoring the comments, it's just been an incredibly busy two days. I'm still downloading video. I think I've watched 30 minutes of TV news since Sunday and that was getting up to speed on this story this morning.

If I were that George Fox the hens in the house would be worried because the fox would be in their wreaking havoc.

Your comment is hilarious! Poor guy. Think she's looking for a blue dress?


Appreciated, but please dont feel any pressure to respond. Its your blog, your baby.

I;m just visiting from time to time. And i appreciate the open door policy.

plus, i wrote this one more for fun. it was water cooler talk at my office this afternoon.

have a great day


Make it two nights in a row that Spitzer's political party wasnt mentioned on ABC or NBC nightly news...


wonder why over 60% of the public sees a bias in the media?

have a great day

John Morgan

Is this similar to when a Republican gets caught in scandal and Fox identifies them as Democrats? Fox does this all the time.

Obviously Gov. Spitzer should resign, just as Sen. Vitter should.


not sure i recall the mislabeling on you have an example? if so, was it done over several days like the nightly news is doing?

and what else I've notices is the other labels that Spitzers gets..Straight laced...Eliot Ness...charismatic...rising star...

Did Craig get such nice-ities when his scandal broke? Nope.

Spitzer is seen as nice guy who stumbled (yea, stumbled over a 6+ year, 80K period)...but Craig is seen a someone with a dark side who was hiding a deep dark secret...

And to be clear, I am not condoning Craig or anyone else... I am just pointing out the obvious bias in the media when it comes to a Dem vs a Rethug who gets caught in this sort of thing.

As for Vitter, I have 0 problem with Vitter going too. None. In total agreement there.

Shame is long gone however, so that is why folks caught up in this sort of thing have no problem staying around.

have a great day :)


On many occasions I have seen Democrats who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar identified as such in the lead line of the story, while Republicans were not. I don’t think this is bias; it seems more likely there is no policy regarding this one way or the other. Maybe they need to formally adopt a policy.

For the record, I think both Craig and Spitzer should resign.


Jim, I am not saying that its 100% the case...but it was glaring in this instance. Next time...and given the state of politics today it will be soon...lets see if the party label is given front and center. Heck, I remember the news story about Susan Smith (the woman who drowned her two kids in the car in SC) and how her dad's party affliation with the local republican party was mentioned.

Not sold so much on Craig...but Vitter, yea, i'd have no problem with him going.

Craig didnt write any checks, hand over any cash, or commit a felony. He was just looking for some bathroom loving. He didnt fly some hooker across state lines, pay for the expenses and put down a payment for the liason. I see a difference. But if his electorate want him out, they should have their say so.


I agree that identifying Susan Smith’s father’s affiliation was out of line. I also agree that, from a legal perspective, Craig’s “crime” wasn’t nearly as bad as Spitzer’s. What makes Craig look like an asshole is the fact that he’s one of the most anti-gay politicians in the Senate and it turns out that he’s a closet queen.

As far as media bias is concerned, my theory is that the types of people who are attracted to journalism as a career tend to be “crusader rabbit” types, those types of people tend to be liberal, and they tend to allow their liberalism to creep into their stories when reporting on social and cultural issues. However, keep in mind that on economic issues, the media is as liberal as the huge corporations who own them. Remember when the Teamsters went on strike against UPS in the summer of 1997, and how anti-union and pro-UPS the media was? Remember in 1993 or so when the New York Times took out a huge, four page op-ed ad advocating the passage of NAFTA? Remember about twenty years ago when reporters from NBC News uncovered a story about how General Electric knowingly sold defective gear to the military, and GE (who owns NBC) squashed the story? Are these the actions of liberals?


Jim, this may come as a surprise, but the heads of major corporations aren't all republicans...and GE squashing the story is more of a corporation trying to hide its misdeeds. Which is why major corporate ownership of news companies is so troubling. But like so many other problems (like states rights) that horse has long left the barn and there is no point in locking the doors.

and for those counting, ABC nightly news finally got around to labeling Spitzer...NBC still hasn't...3 days and counting...



just had this forwarded to me...

my personal favorites:

Dont blame me, I voted for Client #8...and Client #10 has just moved up

gotta love the American entrepreneurial (even if I cant spell it) spirit...there's a buck to made!

have a great day :)


OK, I am sure this was a typo...

Spitzer gets an (R)??



No one is reading this thread anymore...damn shame...I just came across this story of someone who agrees with me...

"The big three broadcast networks have gone out of their way to avoid labeling scandal-scarred New York Governor Eliot Spitzer as a "Democrat." An examination of the fifteen ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows through Wednesday night finds Spitzer was called a Democrat just 20 percent of the time -- twice on CBS, once on ABC, and never on NBC. So, how do the networks treat Republicans involved in sex scandals? Always, always as "Republicans." Looking at the ABC, CBS, NBC morning and evening shows in the days after the most recent scandals broke, Republican Senators David Vitter (July) and Larry Craig (August) were labeled "Republican" on every show (100 percent). Yet for Democrat Spitzer, four out of five news programs (80 percent) have skipped his party identification."

fyi this was written yesterday prior to NBC finally coming around with the democratic label.

one of these days, i am going to get someone on this blog to finally say "tyler, you may be a rethug...but you have a point"

to dream, the impossible dream...

John Morgan

Sorry tyler, I'm just so buys... Sometime this week I need to pick up my mail too....


that wasnt direct so much towards you john, you're the proverbial one legged man in the ass kicking contest...very busy with the events in PA playing out on the national stage...

any chance of you chucking a pie at Hillary for me next time she's in arms reach? something with merangue would be nice. I'll pay your bail, I promise lol


John Morgan

Bail???!!! Have you seen the amount of Secret Service around her? I'd be an instant sieve.... Believe me, bail wouldn't be necessary but you could send some nice flowers for the funeral. ROFL

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