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April 09, 2008



Madeline Albright supported sanctions on Iraq that led to the deaths of over 500,000 innocent civilians, mostly children who literally starved to death ---and when asked about it on 60 Minutes responded that this was an "acceptable cost!" As far as i am concerned she is a war criminal not a hero and should be sent to the Hague and tried as such. Here is a link that discusses her comments and offers some good commentary.

John Morgan

I suspect you meant to post this on a different thread.

The sanctions on Iraq were quite effective in that they caused Saddam to dismantle his entire wmd program. The oil for food program was designed so that Iraqi civilians didn't suffer or die as a result. It was the Iraqi government, not Madeline Albright, which chose to corrupt that process.

Now compare that with George W. Bush's brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq which has resulted in some 600,000+ deaths of Iraqi civilians.

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