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April 07, 2008



John, I think you got a bit overheated here. Slashing tires is not nice. I would be mad too. Taking it against the entire Sen. Obama campaign is a bit silly. Your coverage about Obama's "lunatic" supoprters is not evenhanded either. There are plenty Clintons' lunatics that avoided your attention completely. Just read Hillary44 and other site where they are spreading the "muslim smear" etc.

John Morgan

The point is that since I cannot satisfy these crazies regardless of how much time, money or effort I expend covering their candidate, then they attack me, why would I continue feeding such behavior? They are actively undermining their own candidate's campaign with such reckless disregard for others so there have to be consequences. Hillis44 isn't my site and I have nothing to do with it so it isn't my concern. What is are the attacks upon me and the potential danger to myself.

I've covered both campaigns but these people aren't happy with that. If these are the people phone banking and canvassing and trying to convince undecided voters in the same way they are trying to get me to support Obama then I cannot support that campaign. This strategy is doomed to fail and cost us the White House.

Peter Bonny, Jr.

That's so crazy. This is the first time I've heard about all of this. I am sorry that you had to go through all of that, John. However, there are crazies on both sides and we have an obligation to feed the voters the right scoop about what's going on and how progressives are working for change for better Pennsylvania and country. I'm sorry this incident happened to you but for the us to promote the common good we must stay diligent and promote these campaigns. We only have until the 22nd of April to get the best coverage we can out there.


John, but you are not blogging to satisfy everyone. It's impossible. I am from NY and support Obama, even came to Chester to canvass for him. And I read this blog every day. Your little war with Obama supporters is not prudent & does not serve you well. There are much more pluses in this crazy enthusiasm for Obama than minuses: it was able to move some things that were utterly unthinkable just a year ago, six months ago. You should seize on that too. Taking some eposodic show of emotions against the entire campaign, deciding whom to support on that ground is simply wrong, John. Continue your good work, pelase.

John Morgan

Peter why would I continue doing something that obviously endangers me?


John, bloggin' is a new kind of journalism. If a threat of slashed tires prevents you from gathering the news, you're life is not in any danger but your credibility & viability as a source of information would certainly suffer. :)

John Morgan

This wasn't a "threat of slashed tires." They were slashed.


I admire your taking a stand - whether I agree or not. When you have children, discipline must be followed through. These people are acting like the Evangelicals.


Wow-- Not a PA. resident; living in fact in Europe. But with all the primaries, I've periodically checked in on local progressive websites to get a sense of the coverage (Burnt Orange, Buckeye something or other). Maybe today was not the day to check in on the very even-handed sounding Pennsylvania Progressive.

I have no idea who slashed your tires. Maybe you're right and it was indeed some fanatic Obama supporters. But you certainly can't believe it was "the campaign" in any official capacity. Or do you? To stop covering the campaign as a result of your suspicion is to not do your job as a journalist. It is childish and petty and vindictive. It is the same mindset that leads people to say my candidate or the Republican, or Nader.

You should cover the campaign and you should do so fairly.

My humble and irrelevant opinion from across the Atlantic ocean, were tempers are a lot cooler

John Morgan

This is a new low even for "Truth." She must think I'm imagining the vandalism. She cannot fathom that she is one who fans these flames.

The Obama campaign, in no way, shape or form had anything to do with any of these actions against me, they are a cadre of local people who have been convinced through lies, smears, gossip and innuendo that I am against their candidate. This seems to be how they go about persuading undecided voters. That's why they are turning me against Obama: if this is how his supporters go about persuading undecideds then he shouldn't be the candidate. If this campaign is this unable to control their staffers and volunteers he shouldn't be the candidate.

When my personal safety is at issue then I, and I alone, determine the content of my website. This is MY website after all. Just like every other news outlet determines their content I determine mine. How can I write about accountability for Bush and his minions and not hold these people accountable for their actions also?


Sorry to hear the decision, but I understand the concern for your safety. I hope to see another of your contributors pick up the slack a little.

John Morgan

The money I would have used to continue covering Barack Obama instead went into new tires. I don't see why I would penalize Hillary for this so since something has to give this is the obvious choice.


If you saw who did it file a police report. If you did not, you can't say for sure who did it. It could have bewen a random act of destruction. They happen everyday and some have nothing to do with with a political bent.

As a middle or the roader, I am curious, will you support the democratic party if the nominee turns out to be B. Obama. None of your craziea live in my area and I would like to think you will back the party.

John Morgan

Of course I'll support the nominee. Either of these candidates is far superior to John McCain who represents four more years of the same old failed policies. Don't expect me around the local campaign offices however or to tag along with local activists and volunteers for stories.

Ray Prussman

Sorry your tires where slashed John. But I don't think anyone in or around the Obama campaign cared if you were there or not.

John Morgan

Kirk was supposed to cover the event because I was occupied elsewhere. I gave the Obama press people his cell number Sunday evening so he could cover it but he wasn't notified.

Steve Bac

If Obama supporters are so fanatic at this stage to intimidate bloggers who might look at Obama through a fine toothed comb, imagine what kind of country this will be if Obama is President? Anyone here ever read 1984? The fanaticism must end.


John, I'm one of the many who emailed you directly to expressed my shared outrage with you. There are not many things worse than having your personal property & "space" attacked. Scary, horrible stuff.

But I am concerned you're clumping different, separate behaviors under one heading, like it just makes it all easier for you to deal with. The obnoxious postings by supposed Obama supporters should be viewed & dealt with directly and appropriately. Such as, at the very least, "call them out" in a separate posting, tearing them to shreads in front of all, then block them from future activity on the site, etc. Report on it, in every sense of the word.

And it seems your really POed at the campaign for not getting back to Kirk so he could cover the event, which is also legit.

But, in the heat of all that, to assume guilt as to whom committed a crime, is a jump. If nothing else, I know people all across the political spectrum who just have an irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton & would perpetrate a crime against someone they thought was a supporter at her headquarters. That they're not FOR anyone, but AGAINST her, you know what I mean? But that is pure speculation TOO. Without any further evidence, it just doesn't seem you've made the case to us outside observers as to who's guilty. And, then, to punish the candidate and his entire candidacy because of that....

Having said all that, bottom line, this is YOUR site, your life and all this is a personal decision. I just hope you reconsider after things cool down. And, btw, if you really do think this was a personal, deliberate attack, I really hope you conveyed that to the police when you filed your report. Be safe.

Kirk Wentzel

Sorry I was away all weekend and didn't know this article had been put up.

Sorry to hear about the tires John...that's rotten and whoever did it should be ashamed.

I can confirm that I didn't receive a call or a message. My cell phone is on 24/7 and since it's my only phone I always answer it. Snafu's happen and it doesn't bother me except that I missed an opportunity to cover an candidate that I happen to support.

This division in the party over who won't vote for this candidate or that candidate is tatamount to handing the election to McCain.

I even have friends that support Hillary and they say they may not vote because "there's just something about Obama they don't trust" usually followed by "I can't put my finger on it...I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop".

I'm not sure I can argue against that kind of vaporous logic but I do hear it.

John Morgan

What bothers me is the Obama staffer who lied to me about calling Kirk.


John, although I deplore the action that was commited against you, I'm a bit confused by some of your seemingly contradictory statements. On the one hand, you say "The Obama campaign, in no way, shape or form had anything to do with any of these actions against me", and yet you are willing to penalize the entire campaign for the actions of someone you are assuming is an Obama supporter, but don't have any hard evidence. But then, in a later post, you say "I don't see why I would penalize Hillary for this..." I'm not quite following the logic. It's okay to punish one campaign but not another, even though you are just making an assumption it was an Obama supporter who violated you. Honestly, it could have just as easily been a McCain supporter with a freakish hatred for Clinton.

Ultimately, it is you decision to do as you wish. I would just hope you might take a step back and reevaluate. Journalism ain't pretty all the time. In fact, there are those who are willing to put their lives on the line every day to uncover the truth. If you see your role as merely a part-time writer/blogger, then by all means, if you don't feel safe, step out. But, if you see your role as a journalist, then I urge you to reexamine your decision.

Rebecca from Pittsburgh

I've been reading this blog for months now and feel that it's been a great source of information.

I completely understand your concerns and am truly sorry for the vandalism.

I also understand that this is YOUR blog, as you stated, but I'm very disappointed with the way your personal business with whoever this "nemesis" of yours is has been handled in writing and has been publicized on this blog.

I come here for relevant information and I don't think I'm the only one that's turned off by you airing your dirty laundry. Your fight with some irrational woman has nothing to do with the issues and nothing to do with me.

I can honestly say I will no longer be visiting this blog because I have personal business of my own in my life that needs my attention. Thank you for all the insight and information you've provided in the past.

I hope for your own peace of mind that you're right about the tires.

John Morgan

I'm certain no one with any connection to the Clinton campaign had anything to do with this, especially since I was in that office at the time. All of the hate mail and angry blog comments have come at me from Obama supporters. Not one Hillary supporter criticized my extensive coverage of Barack Obama last week but when Hillary came to Pennsylvania the Obama people were vicious (event hough there was nothing to cover on the Obama campaign).

Yes, I have no direct evidence but it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to add two and two to get four.

My larger concern, observing their behavior since the PA primary began, is that these aren't the volunteers, staffers and activists we want organizing and canvassing this fall. If this is how they treat me as an undecided voter I am fearful of their effect this fall. This makes me not want to support their candidate. Add to that a paid staffer who lies to me and I have no desire to continue covering their effort. They are convincing me Hillary is the better candidate to win this fall. That doesn't mean I'll vote for her either. My sentiment is to call for a compromise candidate.


Are any HRC people reading this blog??

I mean . . . maybe they are, but I don't hear from many of them in the comments.

Back your lady up! It has been all Obama on the blogosphere. HRC needs to give her people laptops.

John Morgan

The Clinton readers don't seem to be active commenters, which is OK, not everyone has to join in the discussions.

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