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July 28, 2007



This is great news. Thanks to all those who worked on getting this accomplished so quickly.


dl, I guess in one respect you are right but in another your not. If Judy would have been willing to work together with fellow Democrat instead of vowing not to spend a second term with him maybe this would not have happened. (and Judy has been named as the person who got Kevin to run in the primary!) Yes it is good to see Kevin replace her on the ballot. I just hope it is not tooooooo late! Imagine Leinbach as a member of the ELECTIONS board! Forget as a commissioner!

John Morgan

Yes, Kevin acknowledged that in his remarks. He thanked Judy Schwank for recruiting him to run against our other incumbent Commissioner?????


I don't know who you are anonymous, but I'm going to be candid. I have a rather shocking story about local corruption and if given the chance I will lay it on you. When I gave some to Grajewski, he was genuinely concerned and surprised. When I gave it to Judy, I got extreme nervousness and a comment "it's all about money." Whereas, Tom expressed concern for how I felt, Judy has been fidgety and I believe she is more than well aware of the many levels of kickbacks occurring on Court Street. Kevin seemed an honest, decent person. This is all personal perception and intuition which has served me well.


I have known Kevin and Pam Barnhardt for years, and they are good people. Kevin will make a great commissioner once he gets acclimated to the role. I was never a big Tom Gajewski fan, but had the opportunity to meet him at a candidate forum. I was impressed with his progressive stance on an issue that is very important to me personally.

Regardless of how we got here, it's critical to support both Tom and Kevin from this point forward. If we don't, Mark Scott will be running this county. And there's something about a Commission Chair who has demonstrated an inability to distinguish between his thumb and his penis that I find disconcerting...

John Morgan

I spoke with Judy Schwank this morning and she said she never recruited Kevin to run last spring. She explained that his comment Saturday referred to Judy asking him to run in her place. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

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