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July 25, 2007


Dan Sauder

Who are the other two candidates? I have heard one other persons name, but have not heard anything from him (or Batdorf for that matter).

Kevin had an excellent showing in the primary in May and can quickly pick up where he left off, hopefully. That alone should give the edge to Kevin in my opinion.

Judy Schwank and Kevin Barnhardt are expected to be at Drinking Liberally on Thursday (I hope!)

John Morgan

I won't mention their names because I don't have first hand knowledge of their efforts.

See you at DL tomorrow evening. It's at Canal Street Pub for anyone interested, at 6 pm.

Lee Levan

John, I've received both a mailing and a phone call from Kevin. Presumably so have all committeepeople. He's also told the Eagle and others that he is a candidate. If anyone else intends to be nominated to fill the vacancy, they can't wait much longer to let it be known. They already are playng catch up ball and there is little time left in the game.

John Morgan

I didn't mention the letter and phone call because I wasn't going to tip anyone off as to what Kevin was doing. He's hard at work securing this nomination.

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