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July 27, 2007


Cynthia Baughman

John--after the primaries you praised a burying-the-hatchet ceremony in Delaware that symbolized rivals for nominations joining in party unity. Today at the County Committee Meeting, there was loud applause, led by Tom Herman, when Kevin Barnhardt said that he and Tom Gajewski would run together as a unified Democratic ticket. It appears to me that the candidates and the Committee members and the Party Chair have put the primary behind them and are now focussed on electing all of our Democratic candidates. Lou apologized months ago for reporting that Tom received $90,000 from the HBA, when in fact he had only received $4,000. (Lou said he'd received bad info from a source he considered reliable.) Lou is working hard for entire Democratic ticket, and has been a terrific grassroots leader. He and his team inspired me to become a Committee person, and I admire their hard work.

Land preservation is very important to many of the Committee members and they will surely continue to press that cause with Tom Gajewksi and elsewhere. Every morning I wake to the sounds of a once-beautiful farm down the road from me being turned into McMansion blight by the Heritage Building Group, which has destroyed a Native American archaeological site eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and polluted the historic canal here. I deplore the HBA and, while I regret Lou's numerical error, I am grateful for all efforts to expose the HBA's involvement in county and state politics--including yours. I hope that you write more about that.

John Morgan

I had to write this because some members of F Troop have taken that hatchet and planted it in Tom's back...again.

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