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July 27, 2007


Lee Levan

This "immigration crisis" is a charade. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come here to work and earn money to improve their lives. After they've been here for a while, some may be laid off, get injured, quit, decide to sell drugs or for whatever reason go on welfare or other government benefits. But they would not be here in the first place if they couldn't get jobs earning much more than they can make in their country of origin.

There is a simple solution to the problem. Make the punishment for employers hiring illegals so great that they stop hiring them. That will reduce the influx to a trickle. We know who the employers are because they pay taxes, so it will be far more easy to enforce than trying to find the illegals living in the shadows. Ergo, a charade.

If it's that simple, why hasn't it been done already? Because businesses don't want it done and Republicans don't want to lose the support they receive from business.

Boyd's Lover

I think that Hazelton is a town with not much going for it in the first place. The empty store fronts and buildings, is the city starting to feel it yet? I am sure those store fronts and buildings were not owner occupied. I feel if Reading was to go that route and the store fronts were empty, they would fill up with new and exciting stores. Now the only problem is that the hispanic center in downtown Reading gives out business loans. Our economic development in the city does not giving any money out. So what does that tell you. I am sorry, they do give out money. To peoples names that end in BOSCOV. I love what Mr. Boscov is doing for the city. I also feel that some of that money should be used for small businesses. Ask Carl Graybill about that. Sorry he got frustrated and left. And rightfully so. He was very frustrated! I love city espresso, I go there very often. I do not know how they make it. Imagine going downtown, getting a cup of coffee, then to a book store, then going to a gift shop and buying that special gift for someone. I would love it! I want to live, shop and play here! I love this city. Lets wait and see what happens and help our mayor work towards a better Reading. It will take the work of EVERYONE! If we can get 5000 people here for a wiggels show downtown, then why can't we get half of those people here to support Reading and say...We are taking back our city and lets get this place cleaned up!

John Morgan

That's it in a nutshell.

John Morgan

If you click on the embedded link to the blog "A Big Fat Slob" and read his article about what this has done to Hazleton (he lives in that area) you'll be shocked.


I guess the FACT that Mayor Lou won the primary on both the republic and democrat tickets is not not worth mentioning. Maybe a drive to Hazleton and some real interview will take off those eighty mile blinders.

Maybe you should mention that both side admitted that this fight is far from over.

Also, learn what the word bigot means and how to us it in a story. Really, can you have a post without using that word? You lose all credibility when you start calling people names, like Nazi's and bigots. - see godwin's law

At least you make me laugh, I love the internet.....

John Morgan

Maybe you need to read Slob's article, linked in mine. He isn't 80 miles away, he lives there. I don't use the Nazi to describe people. Please apologize.

John Morgan

People in this country, people like yourself, are screaming to deport 12 million people. They want them arrested and detained then sent packing.

Fact: the Bush Administration has contracted with Halliburton to build detention camps in the west and midwest. These are currently under construction.

A clause was inserted in last year's DOD funding bill saying the president can declare martial law in the event of an emergency and suspend posse comitatus.

Congress repealed the right of habeas corpus last year as part of the Military Commissions Act. Does none of that scare you?


Maybe if you actually worked you could appreciate how sick the rest of us are at working to give government cheese to illegal immigrants. It's not asking much that people go through the proper channels to become legal residents. Why should we have to support these people? Here's a thought....why don't you go to Hazelton, bring them all back to the shoe box you live in and then you go get a job and provide for them.

John Morgan

You sure do love to make personal, ad hominem attacks don't you? People do that when they've lost the argument based on facts.

Oh, and that cheese? The government gives it away because the agricultural welfare supports for farmers creates so much of the stuff it's cheaper to give it away than store it.

John Morgan

Oh, and your insensitivity to disabled Americans is noted.


Oh so now being an immigrant is a "disability"? Is being a big fat hog like yourself a disability as well? The government will never have to worry about a cheese surplus as long as you are around!

John Morgan

It's nice to see you back. You're raising the level of discussion here to new levels.

If you cannot contribute anything intelligent to the discourse please refrain from vicious, personal attacks. We do not allow them here.

Here are a few facts to remember: many of those displaced in Hazleton and discriminated against by that ordinance were CITIZENS. Others were legal immigrants. The intimidation, threats and scare tactics used by city officials and police were illegal violations of those people's rights. The constitution protects everyone's rights, regardless of their legal status. If you're going to scream that people comply with the law perhaps you should also.

Hazleton had no legal basis for doing what they did. Barletta did this to further his own personal political career and he did it on the backs of innocent residents. Now they're being socked with huge legal bills. That wasn't very smart was it?

I'm not defending undocumented workers. I've written numerous times about this issue and laid the blame where it belongs: on the companies and corporations employing these people illegally. Maybe you should direct some of your lowbrow vitriol towards them.

FYI, I wasn't referring to the illegals as being disabled. You made vicious personal attacks against me for not being employed. I'm disabled so that was a slanderous attack upon me along with your other, written, documented verbal abuse. Be careful, I know who you are and where you live. There's no such thing as anonymity online, that's a myth. One letter to Verizon with your IP address and your service will be revoked. You're violating federal law.

john motrin

" Be careful, I know who you are and where you live. There's no such thing as anonymity online, that's a myth. One letter to Verizon with your IP address and your service will be revoked. You're violating federal law."---what federal law did this person break? Your blog constantly attacks people, how is that different? Oh, I forgot, you said it so it must be true. The only law violation I see is this blatant, documented personal threat of knowing where this person lives. I would say, "come on over"....lol...you are incredibly ridiculous. You are fat, you post your picture, so what. Get over it, cowboy.

John Morgan

People I criticize are public figures. They choose to become public figures and so are not immune from criticism. There's a big difference. The commenter attacked me personally and targeted me as a disabled person, which could create a difficult legal situation for them. Those comments strayed into being harassment, which is illegal under federal law.

Yes, we can track people down to their residences with currently available software if need be.

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