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July 25, 2007



Joe's memorable, all right! The man is a walking disaster, and perhaps the only person I have heard use "yous" twice in once sentence.

My favorite Joe Eppiheimer memories are when he got into a physical confrontation with a Reading Royals ticket representative over a hockey stick. The sticks were being given out to season tickets holders who had paid in full for their tickets. Of course Joe expected free tickets. And a free stick. Mike Ehlerman finally ended up buying tickets for Joe, just to get him to shut up. I don't know if he ever got his stick. The incident was hysterical, however. I was sure we had a 6-year-old for a mayor!

The there was the "f'in chocolates" debacle following the League of Cities meeting in Reading. Godiva had donated chocolates for a luncheon, and apparently Joe or his minions had rounded up the leftovers and set them aside to take home later. They were forgotten, and likely thrown out or taken home by an employee when they were cleaning up. Big Joe called the next day screaming about "Where are my f#%king chocolates. I want my f#%king chocolates right now!" Someone had to go back and get more from Godiva just to shut him up!

If you're ever in the Reading Phillies offices, check out the "Joe Eppiheimer Memorial Wall" in Chuck Dominos' office. Word is that it had to be erected to keep Joe from "dropping in" and parking at Chuck's desk and spewing and spitting on Chuck. Too funny! Four more years of that buffoon would be priceless!

Dan Sauder

Best of luck to Ginny Hand who I have always enjoyed talking to and felt was a consummate professional.

What will she be doing at Alvernia?

John Morgan

If you click on the link to the Eagle article it has all the details. I'm not the academic type and it's been a few years since I was on a college campus so it doesn't mean much to me.

I've always enjoyed interacting with Ginny. She's a class act.

Boyd's Lover

I too have heard all of those stories about Joe. Does anyone remember the time he used the "F" word at the city council meeting? The one meeting he showed up at and he cursed like a sailor! What a JOKE! The funny part was, BCTV cannot bleep things out. I am sure they never thought they would have to buy a bleep machine. Little did they know. So every time that thing aired there's Joe cursing. Too funny. Thank god those days are over!

David K

I can assure you that Joe E. had nothing whatsoever to do with the GoggleWorks concept. The Mayor (Tom McMahon) went to Bethlehem, PA to see the BananaWorks project, and came home with an idea in his head to create an even more vibrant Arts center for our community. Pure magic happens there. I will find a way to communicate it, but this is not the place or time.

Mayor McMahon continues to mop up after Eppiheimer.


John Morgan

Joe was taking all the credit that day, bending my ear about it all. He was quite pissed he wasn't on stage. It surely told me all I needed to know about the man.

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