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October 22, 2007


DC 93


Did you not realize that that whole thing was nothing more than an elaborate politcally conceived sham to make most of the Dems on the committee who didn't like Tom C. to show their cards and to see who really was behind Tom C., as we saw at the meeting that followed from that whole bowl of contrived nonsense.

This to me is another reason why the committee is behind Schmehl for retention election and why I agree I won't be voting for him.

The only thing I didn't realize when the whole Tom C. came down was the involvement of Tom Herman in the whole thing as both catalyst and allegedly outraged leader of Democrats, so as to throw off any suspicion that he was any part of it.

Either that or Rooney played him like a 2 bit fiddle and Tom C. really does have nothing but a sock-puppet as you say.

John Morgan

I got two official letters from Tom Herman today. They'll be posted as soon as possible. They're quite amazing.

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