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October 23, 2007


DC 93

My first thoughts...


You sank my political party decried the chair!

It takes two to tango and in the case of politics multiple switches of either partner count cumulatively for probability purposes as two, no more no less.

They've lost their drive wheel. Let me re-state, I am no longer a party committeeman and I would not want to be ever again for all the damn tea in China or the Boston Tea Party! This being said, let the fun begin.

You just put a whole shoe store in your mouth Mr. Herman. I hope you like the leather taste. I wonder what Howard Dean and the rest of the DNC would think of this cluster screw.

Hell, I wonder what hmmm...the Reading Eagle would think of this fiasco...

I wonder what Tony Phyrillias of the Mercury would think of this whole thing.

The kind of staunch, fierce political support that I have given to other candidates in the past, I can bring to bear for other purposes as well.

Of course, I could just as equally stand back and watch from a distance as the entire party begins to implode and come undone like a old pair of ladies bloomers from back in the day.

Prior to this whole fiasco, I don't think there ever was a Judiciary Committee of the county party. So, you're going to convene a Kangaroo court to basically engage in an "inquisition" of sorts.

So, you kick John off the committee, do you really think that that will make him stop. Hell, throwing him out right now would be the best thing he could hope for and then you've got jack squat to hold him accountable for, under the auspices and guises of what you've asserted in detail in those letters. So, you have fun with that and I'll have a lot of fun watching this adventure in lunacy.

Oh, and I won't be so foolish as to either Libel or Slander anybody in the process. If this is your idea of being Progressive, I'll take Regressive everyday and three times on Sunday.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." -A.C.

Kirk Wentzel

We like the phrase "promote disharmony" obviously that is the crux of his argument. Unfortunately it's also a subjective point of view.

Telling the truth may very well serve to promote disharmony but it's still the truth. And truth, as any lawyer will tell you, (Mr. Ryan), is an absolute defense.

I don't know if there is some ByLaw or rule that says a Councilperson cannot express an opinion but if there is I would have liked to have seen the actual paragraph citation or better yet, quote the rule.

When I read this I would think every complaint here is trumped by that pesky Constitution and the Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech amendment.

As for the blog, you CLEARLY state it's not associated with the Committee in the mast head. The Committee doesn't OWN their website name according to what I've found so they really don't have standing to complain legally.

The evidence of Financial issues is open to the public and anyone who went looking could find it. Reporting (as well as opinion) is part and parcel of the job of a blogger. Some of it may not reflect well on the Democratic Party in Berks or on particular candidates. If that's the case, the party and those candidates should take that information and improve their systems so that they ARE in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Now you point out that the party may be violating IRS regulations and committing financial impropriety. It's the duty of every good citizen to report such things to the IRS and I would strongly suggest you do just that. Being an accountant I have LOTS of friends at the IRS. I'll get you a name and number.

To order someone to cease and desist all behavior detrimental to the party is a bit Fascist. Has the Democratic party gone fascist?

Mr. Herman mentions you OBLIGATION as an elected commiteeperson. Isn't part of that obligation to be honest and shine a light on people who are not honest (unfortunately even if they are in your own party).

The problem seems to be that as a Committeeperson you are, somehow, not permitted to write about anything negative with regard to the party or it's candidates.

IS THERE, in fact, any rule that limits what you can and can't say as a committeeperson? I would think that rule would be unConstitutional since it would directly conflict with every citizen's right to free speech. So even if a rule exists I submit it cannot be enforced because it is inherently illegal.

But you've told them you're not changing the blog name so if they passed a motion to sue you then they should get off their asses and DO IT.

You must be scaring someone for them to put themselves in a position where they're likely to get hammered by the IRS, the Election Board and star a Civil Rights lawsuit in the face. That's pretty impressive stupidity on their part.

On the other hand you could resign as committeeperson and then we can really tear the party apart.

I'm going to resign from the party right after the primary vote. I want to vote of Mike instead of Uncle Tom and then I'm going to write letters to the State Party and the National Party and I'm going to tell them why I left the party.

Mr. Herman...you should be ashamed of yourself.


According to the second page of the second document, you criticized (on 10/17/07) a Democratic judge up for retention. I thought Judge Schmehl was a Republican. Am I missing something here?

John Morgan

DC, the Eagle has been reading the articles this week along with several other media outlets.

Kirk: Yes, he's condemning me for releasing PUBLIC information, readily available elsewhere to anyone and everyone.

Melissa: Judge Jeffrey Schmehl has been a Republican for ages. I'll check to see if he recently switched sides-that would be huge news the GOP voters might want to know. The man has been a rabid Republican for decades.

John Morgan

Here is a link to the County Committee by laws: http://www.berksdems.org/uploads/berkscountydemocraticcommittee/CountyCommBylaws.pdf

And the Pennsylvania Democratic by laws: http://www.berksdems.org/uploads/berkscountydemocraticcommittee/state%20BY-LAWS%2006.pdf

DC 93

Kirk, I agree. I think I'll hang in there just long enough to do whatever I can to get Mike past Uncle Tom next spring. I've put out predictions before on Santorum, Bush, and others.

I am eagerly curious of course to see what else or what other BS contrivances will be attempted in the name of trying to exert some vein power attempt on John or any other who "dares speak the truth that they'd rather not be named".

Ya know, I think I could write a book after this is all said and done for political science coursework at the college-level about how to not run a political party organization or grass-roots level activist group. At this point, I'm expecting everything, anything, and even nothing. So, if you think I'm going to be surprised at the next shovel of dirt from the ever-deepening hole around this thing, think again.

I'm pretty damn tired of all the hype surrounding POTUS '08 and we aren't even in '08 yet, but this elephant in the living room we got here is much more appetizing and tangible.

I may still hate the GOP and just about every single person that is running on their ticket, but no word of a lie, crap like this most definitely makes them look a little less unappetizing to me and all the more hungry for 3rd party candidates.

I eagerly await to see if the Eagle has the nuts to print anything about this or the whole damn situation.

If Tom really wants to be concerned about electing Democrats, then he needs to stop the pissing contest and focus on November 6th, even though with the prevaling anti-tax mentality of the electorate at an all time high, I really believe they've got a snow ball's chance in hell of keeping a majority on the commissioners board. Besides being out of touch with reality on this topic, it would seem they've also underestimated the ticked off nature of the public. This year's "payraise" issue is property taxes, either school and or county.

November 7th will bring home that fact with an ugly crashing sound I think.

You know, we heard about how they didn't want to elect DeWeese to the Speaker's post in Harrisburg and Uncle Tom's reasoning for that. However, the tactics in play right now seem to be along the lines of what DeWeese did to all those who did not vote for the pay raise.

So, if was bad for DeWeese to do it, then what makes it ok for a party chairmain to do it. The answer is, nothing makes it ok.


I'm not familiar with internal party politics, so I don't understand how a judiciary committee is going to investigate allegations of bylaw violations when no specific bylaws were cited. He has made carte blanche accusations of wrongdoing without citing a specific bylaw. Shoot and find ex post facto grounds to justify shooting later?

I didn't see any bylaws at either the state or local level that seem to apply. I saw one that *could be* applicable....if you've got a very big imagination.

John Morgan

Tom also fails to certify which of my blogs he's referencing. When he mentions writing about a Democratic Judge up for retention my first thought is my article on The Pennsylvania Progressive about John Musmanno since he's the only Democratic Judge up for retention I've discussed.

You can read that article ans see for yourself if it matches his hysterical claims:


"When he mentions writing about a Democratic Judge up for retention my first thought is my article on The Pennsylvania Progressive about John Musmanno..."

No, John, #9 of the second document specifically reads: "On October 17, 2007, you used your internet blog, a public medium to openly [to the world] criticize all County judges, particularly one judge for retention, knowing full well that the Democratic party supports our Democratic judges who are up for retention....."

Your article about Judge Musmanno was dated 9/12, but your article on Judge Schmehl was posted 10/17--the date cited in the document.

So, again I must ask if I missed something or why Judge Schmehl is being referred to as a Democratic judge?

John Morgan

I was just saying what my first reaction was because I hadn't written about a Dem county judge because none are up for renewal. Herman's letter is so full of inaccuracies it's rather confusing.


It's at the very least incredibly sloppy, not to mention misleading.

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