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October 23, 2007


DC 93


That would be one of the most despicable and heartless kinds of bastards. Actually, tactics like that tend bear out one's bum-bum all the more and give people more incentive to want to give it a good swift kick, not cover it up.

I find it deafeningly and stupifyingly ironic that a man whose career is working for the Service Employees International Union, a group who you showcased as taking to task Manor Care HCR nursing homes for their negligent and woeful list of violations of care standards and regulations, would want to drag some cancer victim into something like this and ignore a reasonable standard of care and concern for them, in the name of some power hungry play at revenge or a vendetta as you say.

Talk about way out of line and out of touch, but alas most of the lemmings who lap at his feet and willingly follow without question are not likely to perhaps believe a thing about how wrong it is, but it is their loss and harm to take.

John Morgan

Yes, Mr. Herman is employed by SEIU but the union actually has separate entities now. SEIU Healthcare covers the nursing home and medical workers. Herman works for the branch of SEIU which covers municipal and school employees.

Your point is valid however, that the overall union does represent people who (supposedly) care for people.

DC 93

Thanks for setting it straight on the difference.

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