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April 14, 2008


DC 93

Got pictures of this, or some other eye-witness accounts?

I really think this is "rich" if utterly true to the degree you've posted.

I got news for the Obama campaign. I was going to start to consider endorsing and stumping for the candidate, but thanks to you nutty loons and the kinds of antics I hear coming from the likes of what he calls "supporters"....um...Go to Hell and no thank you.

I want to vote for hope and real change, but if this is the local idea of the "price for change", I've got to think about swallowing my pride and voting fof Hillary after all.

The antics and BS that is alleged here is yet another fine reason why I want to see political parties nullified and the two party-system eliminated altogether.

It has gotten more than just out of hand and more than machine politics nonsene. I saw antics like this when Bush was running in '04 and I must admit I had thoughts of being naughty like this, but I didn't want to lower myself to being that caught up and dumb about it.

Gee, first it was trash signs that he couldn't tolerate, now it is Hillary signs he can't tolerate. However, if you are Latino and even illegal, in Reading, the mayor just wants to give you the key to the city and overlook any problems that people of those cultural backgrounds may bring about.

I'm beginning to get a clear view that not only the GOP but the Dem's are as big of frauds and two-face as any other. The names may be different, and why you do it may be somewhat different, but the bottom line comes out all the same to me.

Reading resident

I used to like you. I used to think that you had something going here. I am disheartened by your comments about my mayor. Unless you actually heard a phone call from him, saw him take the sign down or heard his request for the sign to come down, then you have NO idea what you are talking about. Let's see a picture John. What is your proof. I think that you have nothing better to do then type up some nonsense!!

John Morgan

How many witnesses and sources would satisfy you? 5? 10? 50? This was done in mid morning on the 600 block of Penn Street in full view of dozens of witnesses. I spoke to a number of them including the building manager who is the person who caught the Mayor spying on the building last week.

Security there has been heightened since an Obama supporter vandalized my car in the parking area. They are now watching things very closely and he has been caught twice.

Is this really the image the Mayor wants to convey? Another out of control Obama supporter?

DC, I must disagree with your portrayal of the Mayor as a supporter of Hispanics. There exists a press audio recording in which he portrays himself quite differently.

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