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October 10, 2006



Making it harder still is W-B and Scranton are not in the district. It's small town America and lots of farms. If a Dem can win here they can win anywhere. Howard Dean has the right idea, run hard everywhere.

John Morgan

Gee, that does make it harder. Looking at a map of the district I couldn't tell, not being all that familiar with the area. I haven't gotten up that way much since I was a kid. My father was from Plymouth.


Thanks for coming to the event!

A small correction, PA-10 is all or part of Pike, Wayne, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wyoming, Bradford, Tioga, Lycoming, Sullivan, Montour, Union, Northumberland, and Snyder. Crazy redistricting, no?

Thanks for covering the race!

--Drew, Carney for Congress

John Morgan

It was great to come and get a sense of the candidate and campaign first hand. Some campaigns actually want and value coverage and support from bloggers. Others obviously don't.
The staff up there was great and glad to see me there. Lois Murphy's staff could take some lessons from the Carney, Herr and Murtha campaigns.

val Fleming

Could some kind person emailme with some links about ARCHBOLD Pennsylvania. My gg grandfather went there in 1914 as a miner from Wales and I am having so much trouble finding info

Cheers from Tasmania Downunder

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