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October 30, 2006


M.L. Bell

Ok. Let us see if the party
of the left can stand some truth. The young man that blew through a stop sign and broadsided the vehicle was never tested for blood alcohol. The young man that could have killed the couple was at fault. Photos of the seat belt injury to the chest of the female in the vehicle hit broadside was part of the investigation. The operator of the website slandering this couple and the entire family is the candidate rejected by the party as being a jobless individual that made a poor impression on everyone. Apparently he is still unemployed and living on the internet. His
name is O'Brien and he is a Democrats dream come true. He is willing to spew lies and trash someone because he lost his only prospect at a job.

John Morgan

My reading of the material at the website includes several allegations that police did a major coverup of the accident and most everything related to that event. That they also failed to test the other driver isn't germane to the arguments raised.
If Royer said he was driving when he wasn't that's fraud. If he said he was driving when his license was suspended and he had no insurance that's negligence. Either way he was highly irresponsible. Those are major points made on the website.
Why don't you stick to the facts the website cites instead of making personal attacks at who you think is behind it. You offer no proof whatsoever other than gossip and innuendo.

ML Bell

I saw the file John. I saw the vehicle and read the reports. Rumor and innuendo seem to be the Democrat get out the vote mantra. I know the facts.
The accident was caused by a driver blowing through a stop sign and broadsiding another vehicle. What part of that fact do you not understand? The website has many things that are lies. They are rumor. Thank God more than a few people downloaded that crap for future use.

John Morgan

Part of the allegations are that the police covered up the incident in their files, so saying you saw the file doesn't convince me of much.
Are you, perchance, related to Allison Bell?
Perhaps all this would have been avoided if the mystery surrounding the incident hadn't been created by the police.
I'm not disputing whether some asshole ran a stop sign. The issues involved here are whether Bell was driving drunk or whether Royer was driving on a suspended license. The other driver isn't pertinent to these issues.
What part of that don't you understand? I notice you haven't addressed these matters which are the issue at hand.

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