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November 09, 2006


Bruce J. Holt

Didn't Rick teach his children proper manners? Seriously, these photos illustrate some major emotional issues there.


Listen, you need to grow some CHOPS.

You may have disagreed with his politics and professional intentions.
But a cheap-shot harping on a child they delivered who died at no fault of their own, is pure sick.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Until you've walked in those shoes as a MAN -- seeing your wife deliver a dead child -- keep you mouth shut.

I know what it's like, having done so as a mother. And bringing your family into that situation is a personal decision.

You think the man is mental or his family is emotionally unstable because he wanted to honor his family, his wife and dead child, by allowing his kids to see their sibling?

It's obvious you don't have children, have never never lost a child, nor comprehend the grieving process.

Rick Hater

It isn't nice to make fun of people's kids but, his kids are funny looking in the imbred sort of way. The reasons the kids are crying is they realize that their loser father will now be home all the time since he has no job to go to. I'd be crying too.

John Morgan

They brought the dead fetus home for their other children to hold. That's SICK. I can't think of much that's more disgusting than that. It borders on child abuse.

Brenna Lorenz

A poll in the CDT about a month ago said it all. The approval rating for Santorum was 31% and for Casey was 33%. Yet 51% said they would vote for Casey. What a shame we didn't have a real choice. I am so glad we got rid of Santorum. I am so unhappy we're stuck with Casey.

Brenna Lorenz

I just watched that footage of Ricky's concession speech, and as much as I despise the guy and what he stands for, I gotta say that I don't think his son was flipping off to the camera... he was just adjusting his glasses with an injudicious choice of finger.

John Morgan

I won't even begin to surmise how many times I've used that technique to subtley flip someone off. This is similar to the technique Rumsfeld used in his press conference the other day. The boy knew very well what he was doing and the cameras caught him.

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