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November 12, 2006



Two words "Coordinated Campaign". Everyone on the ballot below Casey and Rendell in the valley that had to run outside the cities were more or less screwed. Beyond this there is no structure in place outside of the major cities to do anything, at this point.

If you were running a state rep campaign or were a candidate in one you had your volunteer list stole the Hdcc went around bad mouth you to donars, and to labor groups. If they had not looted the state rep campaigns Dertinger might have done better in the Suburbs and rural areas then he did.

The republicans all worked together in Lehigh county supported each others campaigns instead of murdering each other.

If we had 5 fully functional state rep and 2 state sentate campaigns working in tandum with Dertinger everyone would have done better instead we all lost. In the areas we didn't already hold.

John Morgan

The Coordinated Campaigns always, always, concentrate on the top of the ticket. The HDCC was supposed to concentrate on the house efforts and did here. I can't figure out why the LV can't find strong candidates for the top of the ticket then work together. It's getting our brains beat in over there. That's a region where we should be strong.


The Hdcc more or let all the candidates hang themselves in the Lehigh valley.


Why we can't find strong candidate hum. Maybe it's because no one thinks they can win because no one ever gets real support. The strong candidates would rather stay in their safe positions rather than lose and have a mark on their record

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