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December 03, 2006


Mark Rauterkus

There should be a referendum in PA on any gambling expansion.

There should be a 10-fold increase in the fees if the casinos are able to do more than just slots. They sold the $50-million licenses without an auction. They were too cheap and that needs to be fixed.

Finally, the expansion needs to come with a sunset. So, allow table games for $500-million for 20 years. Then the license goes away or a renewal, when our children can decide what to do next.

John Morgan

Good points. I really like those ideas Mark.

Ghost of Tom Joad

Sometimes I tnink PA is one of the most corrupt states in the country. Alcohol is sold by the state, for what reasons I am not sure. Now casino games are okay? I know they are not related, but it just shows me the messed up priorities in this state. Does DeWeese think Rendell will be pressured into signing it? The thing is, once they allowed slots, I knew that tables games wouldn't be far behind.

John Morgan

Other states have adopted slots without adding table games. What makes this suspicious is the large influx of money gambling interests gave the Party this past year. Our Dems were awash in it and this, obviously, is why.

Ghost of Tom Joad

They are beholden. As Mark mentioned, they should have auctioned the licenses off. Illinois did it(I believe), and the prices they received per license were a lot more. It's so sad that we can't get legislators that are more ethical. They should be ashamed.

Lyndon Baylin jr.

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John Morgan

Thanks you Lyndon. We've had some very good discussions about the gambling issues. This is the essence of what blogs are useful for: interaction and discussion. Ideally they aren't simply a place for Kirk and I to pontificate but for our readers to also interact and discuss what's on ALL our minds.

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