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February 26, 2007


Ghost of Tom Joad

I didn't see much of it. When "An Inconvenient Truth" won, who came on stage to accept? Was it just Al and the director(Guggenheim .. right?). If so, I would have loved to have heard that Guggenheim go up there and announce that he was running for the Dem. nomination for President. I would have thought it hilarious if that happened. And it probably would have gone right over Faux Noise Channel's head. I heard about Leo and his remarks. That was pretty cool.

John Morgan

Gore went up with Guggenheim and a few others and both spoke. The presentation with Leo was fun. He "goaded" Al into finally making THE announcement then right when he began the orchestra started. It was pretty funny.

Cynthia Baughman

Jim's & my daughter, Beth Mickle, was production designer on "Half Nelson"--star Ryan Gosling was nominated for an Oscar for his great performance (and lost to Whittaker's great performance). You probably don't remember the clip they played last night of Gosling in his classroom, but all the kids' drawings & the Nelson Mandela poster in the background were procured & put up there by Beth. It's a thoughtful film about race and education and class and activism--worth renting. If you do, watch for the Production Designer credit!

John Morgan

I wouldn't mind doing a "Half Nelson" on Gosling.

Set design isn't something that comes immediately to mind except in stage productions where it's obvious. It is an important element. I recall watching one outtake last evening where there was an entire row of those green accountants lamps. I was wondering who got to go to the store and buy ten of them and how they explained why needed so many.


The cast of characters in the ever-present Anna Nicole Smith debacle seem like early contenders for next year's Oscars.

John Morgan

Anna Nicole Smith? But is it a comedy, tragedy or farce?

Like I even need to ask at this point....

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